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karenyarn.jpgI fell asleep on the couch with the laptop on my lap. The last few days I’ve been too busy and too tired to post much. However, I am happy to report that Diana and Karen are working on their (quite large) BurlyZigBagz right now.

The smaller bagz take one solid colored yarn and one colorway of a slow-self-striping yarn (I am using Noro Kureyon). Some of you have noted that Kureyon does not like to felt/shrink very quickly and the other yarns I’m using with it do.

This is actually good, because the firmly-felted yarns take the Kureyon with them “for the ride.” The resulting fabric, when knitted two stitches of one and then two of the other, is very satisfying and even. Very nice, I assure you, though if they were alternated in wide stripes, the result could be a disaster.

I’m including photos of the yarns used for Karen (blue/green Nashua Creative Focus Worsted for the solids, with contrast Noro Kureyon yarns that add pink to the mix), and Diana (brown/green Patons Classic Wool solids, with Kureyon adding purples to the mix). These include a LOT of stitches but they are moving toward the goal.

dianayarn.jpgFor the record, the solids are used with the contrast they are least like. For example, Karen’s top solid is green, and it is used with the mostly-pink contrast underneath it rather than the almost-matching green/pink top right. If we put the matching ones together, you would not see all the special stitchwork she will be doing. Many people make the mistake of choosing what they call “contrast” but which has a color in common with the solid. It is instinct to match, but it does not work well.

For Diana’s yarns, the dark brown is used with the lighter multicolor, and the lighter green solid is used with the darker multi. This assures that all stitches will show. This is second-nature to me now, but it is not instinct if you are new to colorwork.

(For the record, my yarns were a dark teal contrasted with a mostly-pink multi, and a hot pink contrasted with a mostly-dark-green multi. See small swatch to see it knit up. When I “zig” left I use teal as the base, when I “zag” right I use pink as the solid. Can you see it now? Oh, and the checkerboard is used only for the base of the rectangular bagz.)

biggiezigstitchpatterns16.jpgI am contemplating a larger bottlezig as well… we will see. if the first attempt works, I’ll include it. If I have to fuss I will not continue. I have to cut losses somewhere. This ZigBagZ collection is turning out to be a production, a very time-consuming and yarn-consuming one. It’s worth it, I’m just sure of it, but right now I need a goal.

I bought new editing software for layout. I’ve been using Word for all these years, to make my patterns. I know Word so well (after teaching computer software including Word since 1994), and I was a secretary for years before that.

I “think” in word processing. However, I like to include lots of explanation and often lots of photos. Word is not happy with more than one photo per page. Time to deal with the learning curve and get a proper product.

I bought an Adobe Creative Suite 2 which has InDesign included. My class at Lansing Community College is the last weekend in Otober. By then I should have photos and final input on all sizes/styles of the Ziggies, as Diana and I have been calling them.

So my preliminary guess is that the pattern will be available November 1. This is the current goal.

More peeks at the process as I proceed toward the finish line. For now, sleep (again).

2 Responses to “Tired!”

  1. Deborah Robson Says:

    Dang, I love the control I get on Creative Suite. It’s SOOOO much better than Word! I suspect you will think it’s a very good idea to have made this switch before long.

  2. AlisonH Says:

    That swatch is gorgeous, Lynn.

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