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My ColorJoy! Group on Ravelry


For those who are not knitters and who read this blog, I need to explain a little. There is a new online community for knitters (sort of like MySpace for musicians but without the non-musician participants) called Ravelry. It is still in beta testing, which means that there is a waiting list to “get in” and some folks have been waiting a long time. I haven’t mentioned it here much yet because of that not-yet-inclusive angle.

colorjoy-group-badge-ravelry.gifHowever, I am on the system and my username there is ColorJoy (no surprise). Since I am home this week, I decided to get on there and really be sure my work is properly represented. I loaded all of my patterns (under designer name Lynn DT Hershberger) that were not already loaded. I loaded current and ongoing projects (including those knit from my patterns, with photographs) under my personal page.

And then today I started a group. It’s a lot like a Yahoo group but the correspondence is on a web page and as far as I can see you can’t get the correspondence sent to you as email. My group, again, is named: ColorJoy!

If you are on Ravelry, please say hi… add me as a friend if you wish, and please feel free to join my group. Say hello if you have a minute to write.

If you are not on Ravelry, I’m sorry to write something that excludes you… they think everyone will be invited aboard very soon and I hope you can join us at that time. You can go here and sign up to be included. Soon, very soon.

One Response to “My ColorJoy! Group on Ravelry”

  1. Howlin' Hobbit Says:

    I just ran across a mention of Ravelry the other day and was going to email to let you know about it. Too late! :-)

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