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On the Road

Road Trip to see Deborah
I spent today driving to and from Davison, Michigan (near Flint) to meet up with my friend Deborah Harowitz/Scarlet Zebra. We spent a little bit of time and a little bit of money at Elaine’s Yarn Shop (run by Marj rather than Elaine, go figure).

I got a couple turquoise yarns to go with the turquoise magical yarn (Pizzazz, three strands including shiny and eyelash) I bought at Knit a Round last Saturday. This will eventually become another stole I get to keep for myself. When I start that stole I will show pictures. For now I’m still finalizing the yarn decisions. (And I have yet another stole I am planning with a multi-strand yarn I got at Yarn for Ewe at last month’s knit in. That one is a mohair and shiny combination in cobalt blue, purple and teal).

After yarn squeezing and adopting, we went to a sort of Italian restaurant where both of us can eat, given both of us are on odd food restrictions. We have done this three times, now, and the benefit to this restaurant is they leave us alone for several hours, with half-knit projects and yarn and books all over the table. We sip tea and talk until we have to go home, or else.

It’s wonderful to have someone who just seems to understand the same sorts of lifestyle choices I’ve been making, the same artful choices before me, similar attitudes about many things. I am learning it is very important for me to hang out with other self-employed folks like Deb. And I met her online, as I have many other important people in my life (remember Vince?).

My Current Project
I’m still knitting the Yarn for Ewe stole. This one is going to be a winner, and I am keeping this one for myself.

One of the yarns I originally chose for this stole really made me unhappy (the Debbie Bliss DK Merino, which is wonderful for socks but looked too sweater-like for this frufru stole). I had to swap it out for another something, which turned out to be two strands of that closeout acrylic/wool turquoise yarn I got from In Sheeps Clothing, held together with one strand of a standard greenish-turquoise eyelash I had in my stash. I didn’t like unknitting all those rows to take out the sweater yarn, but now I’m sure not to make that mistake again (I tried sweater yarn in Mom’s stole early on and ripped that out as well).

So now the Yarn for Ewe stole has three eyelash yarns, and it is totally luxurious. It’s not too much at all, it just fills in the spaces with softness. Very nice, very colorful, very greenish-turquoise with many bits of color (lime and blue and soft fuschia). It still has 4 yarns from Yarn for Ewe, so I’m going to continue to call it my Yarn for Ewe stole. I’m telling you, I’m just falling in love with eyelash yarns!

In my distracted haste to knit the current stole, I did just knit two rows without knitting the last two stitches. Because of that, I cut off the yarn for fringe before I was really done. So now I get to unknit two rows (seems like I do this too much but otherwise it looks bad) and toss that yarn into a pile for use as sock trim. Then I get to reknit with a longer piece of yarn. Ugh. That’s what happens when you throw things in a bag for transport, and don’t check to see if you lost any stitches in transit!

Tony Visits Altus
Tony called last night and said he’d tried Altu’s restaurant for the first time. He picked a spicy dish which was maybe more spicy than he would have preferred, but enjoyed the experience and the atmosphere. He plans to return to try other dishes. He maybe should have tried one of the combination plates to get more choices, but hey, I wasn’t there to control his choices, was I???

I am disappointed Tony didn’t announce to Altu and Charles (Altu’s brother-in-law, who works with her) that he was my friend, but that’s his choice. I think he’s going to check out her booth at the Great Lakes Folk Festival this weekend, to try a few other dishes. I’ll be working in her booth quite a bit, I figure, if she needs me at all. (Festival starts tomorrow/Friday the 8th at 6pm, if you are in Lansing do not miss it. Festival goes through Sunday.) I will have to try to introduce Tony and Altu at the festival now.

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