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My DC Adventure

dcfromjennyswindow.jpgI still have photos from Washington, DC that I haven’t shared yet, and now seems the time.

The first photo is a photo from Jenny’s condo, a second-floor efficiency on Columbia between 16th and 17th in the Adams-Morgan neighborhood. You are seeing the view toward 17th Street here. Those little shops across the street are mostly family-owned small shops, many of them playing lively music sung in Spanish to attract the attention of passers-by.

It seemed that on the near side of the street I saw more restaurants and food vendors, but truly there were plenty on either side. The place where I ate on the way home with the best eggplant ever) was Old City Cafe, on the near side of the street just past the corner of 17th.


This building at Mozart and Fuller had all the windows cheerfully painted in a deep turquoise color. I parked just beyond the view in this photo, for the last day I was in the neighborhood. I love the turquoise with the brick color, but then as you know, I no doubt love all turquoise anything!

I’m sort of going backward in time here, but on Sunday Jenny and I walked to the Ethiopian restaurant Dukem which was on U Street. We walked through this park on the way there. At first as we entered the park, we saw this peaceful scene below the crowd (the bulk of the park is raised up most of a story above the street)dcpathatpark.jpg.

We climbed the stairs, passed some guys who appeared to be playing craps or some other dice game at a quiet part of the park near a bench or two, and continued toward our destination, the part of the park where there is a drum jam session every Sunday.

It was incredible… all ages, all ethnic backgrounds, all types of drums. This was a larger crowd than could be attracted in my smallish city, and there were folks there just to listen as well as drummers participating. Across from the drummers was a raised platform (no doubt a stage) where two dancers were rehearsing, or otherwise doing some sort of choreographed set of moves. That was my favorite part!

dcdancers.jpgOn the far side of the park we descended back down to street level, really enjoying the peace of the water pools/garden area just before we found ourselves back on the bustling street. You see, in a city with good public transit, people walk a lot. Everywhere you go there are walkers on the street, waiting for buses, people everywhere. In my city (where we build automobiles and have for generations) there is a bus system but in general if you are walking it is assumed that you need a ride, that something happened to your car).

Once we were back on street level, I snapped this photo of lovely homes in a row, really pretty places with beautiful architectural detail. I love beautiful buildings and these qualify.


We met Jenny’s beau at the restaurant and had an enjoyable and leisurely dinner. After we got out of dinner, the light was getting low but I gave a try at capturing the night view of Lincoln Theater and the surrounding area. I’m pretty pleased with how that photo turned out.

I must say, that to me a big part of going to a big city is eating good food. I had a good Chinese/asian meal, then Ethiopian, then mideastern. I also got to go to the National Museum of Women in the Arts, which to me is a spiritual experience. I had time with people I love, including my friend Alison who lives in California, and my sis-in-love Jenny who lives in DC and shared her home with me for 4 days. It was a good trip.


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