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My ColorJoy Neighborhood

fallwithlynnbybrian.jpgSunday, Brian and I walked to the diner in the neighborhood for breakfast. We used to do this often, now only a few times a year. It was a nice little morning date.

The day started chilly, though by late afternoon it was 79F degrees, warm for this time of year. I was glad I took my camera, because the five blocks between our house and the diner are always beautiful in the fall. This year seems even more beautiful than usual.

The photo of me, Brian took. I was barely awake… this is how I look when I throw on something quickly to go on a walk first thing. I’m wearing a hat I made years ago, and my Kristi Comfort Wrap that Diana knit for me, plus the legwarmers I made from a thrift-store find, a Ralph Lauren crewneck made of Manos del Uruguay yarn.

fall3.jpgBut the leaves? So brilliant that no ColorJoy wardrobe can compete. The sky made them even more obvious. And now Monday looks the same. Woohoo! Now if only I could spend some time on the porch today… something happened and the utility company is digging up the front yard of my next-door neighbor, so the porch is not peaceful today.

Enjoy the leaves…



2 Responses to “My ColorJoy Neighborhood”

  1. Diana Troldahl Says:

    I love the blazing leaves against an autumn sky.. I have yet to find a colorway to match.

  2. Angela Says:

    You have no idea how much I miss tree’s at this time of year !! I am so glad to see people posting pics of fall colours, for those of us without tree’s its fantastic to be able to look at them.


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