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More ColorJoy: Diana’s BurlyZig Bag Base

raesburlybase50.jpgWhat a day! I started early and ended late on Tuesday. I go back to my normal schedule on Wednesday. I miss the CityKidz a lot, it will be wonderful to see them again.

Diana wrote with an attached photo of the bottom of her BurlyZig sample bag (which will eventually live at Rae’s Yarn Boutique). The bottom of the bag is checkerboard although the sides are a zigzag pattern. (There are smaller bags in the collection which will call for only two yarns rather than four.)

The base of the bag is made from the dominant Main Color 1, and its appropriate contrast color. The first “zig” will also use these colors, and then the “zag” uses a different Main Color (solid) and a different contrast. Of course the zig/zag pattern is not shown here, though you can have a peek at this previous post.

I’m showing the four yarns she will use in this bag in the yarn photo below. MC1 is top right, and the contrast for it is top left. I think for some folks it’s very hard to tell how things will knit up, by looking at the yarns in balls/skeins. Voila! Diana has solved this particular mystery for you today.


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