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Looooong Day

I am sooo tired, I’m just going to report what I did but no details or pics yet.

Tony and I went to Spinners Flock this morning. We saw Carla (who I met last Saturday at crochet class), Mary S., Fran, Sue, Patty, and I’m sure a dozen more people I am not remembering hours later. It was good fun as usual. I picked up a good basic book on Machine Knitting which is very promising.

Brought Tony back in time for him to go to work, then I took a nap in the hammock. I’m so tired these days I had to get a nap or I was flirting with the possibility of illness. I actually started the day with a headache. Good thing this one responded to headache medicine, a rare surprise.

After my nap, I ran to the Great Lakes Folk Festival. Anyone in Lansing who isn’t going to this, all I can say is “why not?” It’s free, the food is great, the music is amazing, it’s a wonderful scene. I wouldn’t miss it for anything.

I did help out Altu in her food booth for maybe an hour and a half or two hours. That made me feel good, I really wanted to help her. After that, Brian popped by and picked me up and we went to the dance tent. We danced a lot, to several bands, and we did take a half an hour to walk down to the main stage to hear Ralph Stanley, who is an icon in the field of Bluegrass music. Brian plays banjo and really loved hearing Ralph. Ralph mostly sang tonight, but we did hear him play one number on clawhammer banjo.

I got to my car at 11:15, after we closed down the dance tent (first we danced to Feufollet, a Louisiana dance band which is six fabulous musicians, all of them teenagers, then we danced to Nick Villarreal, a Tex/Mex musician with a tight band and a way of working the crowd… both bands had great vocal harmonies as well as great dance music).

I had thought perhaps I’d be able to get to Yarn for Ewe’s monthly Second-Saturday knit in, but this was just too late to even imagine it. They go late, often past 11, but this was too much. I’m wiped out from not enough sleep, anyway. I went home. Now I’m going to go sleep! Tomorrow is yet another day of Folk Festival and then Working Women Artists meets at my mom’s house to learn how to make food as art: Danish open-faced sandwiches. Should be a good day but another long one.

Good night!

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