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A Few Pictures

Woven Art crew at Folk FestWell, this confirmed City-Grrl went camping at Michigan Fiber Festival for 5 days and did better than just survive. Thank goodness there was no rain! It was very hot, and though I typically like being hot when others complain, even I was warm this weekend. But I’ll take heat over mud any day, and I am happy about how things went, overall.

There is so much to say and I’m so tired, I don’t want to write the whole story tonight. I did get to take one class, which was called “Fun with Acid Dyeing” with Merike Saarniit. (Acid dyes are the type used to dye wool and other protein/animal fibers, they are very mild acid similar to Easter egg dye with a little vinegar.) I enjoyed that class very much. Merike is passionate about color, as I am, and she has been a professional dyer for a very long time. It was wonderful to be there in her class.

Allegan is a quaint town, and I got some pictures of the town itself which I’ll post later. I also found many fiber friends, either folks from guilds or online. I had hoped to make a good handful of new friends/acquaintances but that did not happen the way I thought it might. I was alone Wednesday and Thursday nights, knitting alone in the dark with no chatting buddy. However, all in all it was good fun and I’ll do it again, although maybe not all 5 days.

Here are three pictures for your delight: First, a belated picture of the Woven Art Entrance to Allegan Fairgroundspeople on a 2nd floor balcony overlooking the Great Lakes Folk Fest dance tent, last weekend. Such a great photo! From left to right, back row, Gary and Nancy McRay. Front row: Ryan Buck; Kathryn and Kristin (two of Nancy’s three daughters, aren’t they just lovely to look at? And they are smart young ladies as well).

The next photo is the entry to the Allegan Fairgrounds where the Michigan Fiber Festival was held. It’s so classic American, the huge fiberglass chicken! I wonder what year that was put up there, and if it was there originally. The fairgrounds are clearly well-used and have been there a good long time and some things quite worn with age. However, this entry is wonderful architecture of an age I can’t determine (early 1950’s perhaps?)

LynnH's Campsite at Fiber FestThe last picture today is my campsite at the fairgrounds. You can see the footbridge behind my little tent. That bridge went over a pond with manmade “waterfall” and gardens. I had running water as a background sound and I enjoyed that. The buildings in the background there are the vendor buildings and other buildings which held workshops plus the competitions such as fleece competition and handspun skein competition.

More pics and stories tomorrow! Goodnight.

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  1. sean808080 Says:

    so glad u made it home safely and had a great time! what nice pics…can’t wait to see more!


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