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Last Gasp of Autumn


A week or two ago, I taught in Charlotte, Michigan, which is a small town with heart and soul. So many small towns are suffering these days, but Charlotte is quite alive, thank you very much!

I love taking photos of this town in the fall, I’ve done it before. This time I headed toward the library and the park where Brian and I performed last June.

Charlotte has two important streets which intersect near the old courthouse. This is the one which seems a bit shorter, and which heads out of town toward the fairgrounds (where the bluegrass festival happens each June). I caught it just as the sun was setting and the light really was nice.

Also, I enjoy taking photos of older homes in this town. They tend to be well-kept or well-restored. I drove past this house, pulled over to the parking lane and was taking photos backward out of my window. I’ve taken photos of the house right behind it in previous posts.

charlotterohsneffhouse.jpgWell, I noticed a guy walking down the street who looked like a musician I know, who lives in Charlotte. I called out his name and sure enough, I had the right guy. So guess what? This is his house, since right around when Brian and I sang at the park.

Isn’t life interesting? The longer I stay in Michigan the more people I know are connected to other people I know. And to be in a town 30 minutes from where I live, and to know the one person walking down the street? Whose house was exactly the one I was trying to quietly photograph?

Actually, I got photos of two houses next door to one another. Both are beautiful and I think I’ve got the one, but I may be one lot off. Forgive my 2-week memory which has lost a tiny bit of information.

I sort of like it when things happen this way! The leaves don’t look particularly colorful in these two photos, but the relationship part of life was fully functional. Cool!

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