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Food as Art

These photos are late chronologically. However, they fit in this blog based on my assertion that food can be art, either to look at or to the taste buds, even both on the right day.


On Thanksgiving morning, I had plans. I made my semi-famous “brown pancakes” which are wonderful (and gluten/wheat/corn/egg free, etc… recipe here).

I even had a very special treat lined up. I found frozen organic strawberries and organic egg-free, corn-syrup-free vanilla ice cream, the day before, at Foods for Living. I thawed the berries and added some brown sugar. I put strawberries and a small amount of ice cream on the pancakes, and we enjoyed them thoroughly.

I had not eaten any strawberries since spring, after an allergic reaction to peaches and advice to consider giving up fruit if I was experiencing hives. Well, I probably will not be eating peaches again but after some tests at a new allergist a few weeks back I was given permission for cherries and strawberries. Woohoo! My favorites are peaches and raspberries, but any fruit is a real gift at this point…

Also, I had not had even soy/artificial ice cream in months. To discover that milk/cream are OK for me (when yogurt and cheese are not) was another gift. I was truly Thankful. Yum!

But that was only one brunch meal, and we would need more food sometime. We had eaten our takeout on Wednesday Night… I’d planned it for Thursday but we changed our plans. So I looked in the freezer.

thanksgivingsalad.jpgThe week previous, Brian had cooked Cornish game hens in the crockpot as a gift to me (any time he cooks instead of me, I really appreciate fully). We had eaten one but frozen the other.

So I thawed that tiny bird and we made spinach salads. I found a beautiful red bell pepper and some very nice olive oil as salad dressing, and some coarsely-ground black pepper. It made a refreshing Thanksgiving dinner.

Brian likes pie and I did not feel like making any… but I had purchased all the ingredients to make them. I showed him where I put my own personal no-egg, no-milk pumpkin pie recipe. I dug out the few odd ingredients he would have had trouble finding, and he made pumpkin pie. What a partner he is to me!

Then when I pulled the pies out after the buzzer sounded, I got a surprise. He put faces on the pies before baking them. I think they look a lot like “Tubby Toast” in the TV show Teletubbies. I may be the only person over 2 years old who loves this show, but Brian gets it that I do, so he gave me a smiley face. Also I always can use a reminder to smile, I can get SO intense sometimes.

tubbytoastpumpkinpie.jpgI have so many things to be thankful for every day. Brian is at the top of the list, by far. I have not always been this happy and he is like the whipped cream on top of my otherwise good life, making it even better.

And the internet? I love all of you reading this, and the relationships we can build here even without meeting physically in the same building. How cool is that? My relationships, with Brian and my family, my loved ones not in my family… well, that is the best wealth of all. Thank you for being part of my life.

2 Responses to “Food as Art”

  1. Diana Troldahl Says:

    I LOVE Brian’s smiley pies!!
    And that salad was gorgeous!

    My goal this winter is to contemplate (at least) one positive thing per day. And it can be the same thing different days, I just have to spend a little time enjoying the thought of it.

    I spend plenty of thought time on fear and worry and pain, the good stuff deserves at least as much consideration. It seems to get lost behind the others some days and I want to change that.

    Those berries looked so good. I think I will have a berry treat today.

  2. Mom Says:

    I love the smiley face on Brian’s pies. That will be his trade mark when he takes pies to parties, I’ll bet. Yum!

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