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Dyeing Daze

I have spent the last two days cleaning my office and dyeing fiber. I have about 5 pounds of a wool/mohair roving that I expect will be wonderful for sockyarn. I’ve been using the new dyes I got from Ellen’s Half Pint Farm, for the most part, and having a wonderful time.

The only roving I’ve dyed before was two different brands of merino-cross top. This mohair blend is very different than the merino, and at first was a bit of a challenge. If you think merino felts quickly, you should see this stuff!

My first experiment with this fiber blend was a gorgeous colorway with three different turquoises. For a few reasons I’ve since figured out, the dye would not rinse out easily after steaming. While I was diligently trying to rinse it clear, I felted it a bit… not too much for me to spin for myself, but too much for selling the roving. I’m going to have a lot of pretty turquoise sockyarn one of these days!

Since then, I’m getting the hang of the fiber blend. It does take dye very well, as I would have expected with mohair in the mix. I spun up a mini-skein of approximately sportweight yarn from some of it, and the yarn is really beautiful. That little bit of white puts light in the skein and really makes it shine!

I enjoyed spinning today on the porch. It seems that most days, by the time I’m ready to spin, the sunshine has passed me by.

I like my porch so much, it was a delight to spin out there today. And I was doubly thrilled that when I went to wash my mini-skein, I had plied it balanced enough that my skein did not twist when I hung it up without a weight! Yippee for me, I’m getting better at spinning!

Brian and I are going to a big family wedding this Saturday. We’ll be staying overnight out of town, so I’ll check in with you again on Sunday. Have a great weekend.

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