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Dyers’ Gathering

crocheted sock cuffToday I went to Brighton (40 minutes away) to meet with eight other Michigan dyers. I think there were three of us there who dye wool, but most of us at least dabble in silk so we had that in common (most of them work with plant fiber such as cotton, most of all). It was a great group!

I forgot to take pictures, I was so into just being there. I got some nice feedback on the recent dyed wool/mohair roving I’ve been doing, which I appreciated.

After the meeting started to break up, I also got a little advice on crochet, thank goodness! I’ve been trying to make crocheted socks from a booklet I got at JoAnn Fabric… but since I don’t really know how to follow a pattern I did one less row than I should have. I caught myself in time, so that is fine, but I was very glad to get a two-minute confirmation that I had figured it out, if too late.

(Picture is of my first crocheted sock cuff minus one row and a seam. I don’t love how variegated yarn looks in crochet but it’s yarn leftover from my legwarmers and they will be warm and cozy bedsocks. No, I didn’t dye this yarn.

I really wanted to do a crochet pattern from start to finish, and I just can’t do the filigree lace scarf with flower trim that Carla, Jillian and Amy are talking about these days. I just don’t like holes in my fabric most times… I am definitely not a lace grrl. Also, I think will never want to wear crocheted flowers on my own body… maybe I’ll make some for a child someday but not me.)

My friend Deborah Harowitz/Scarlet Zebra was a big moving force in making this gathering happen. I got to see her again (yay!) and also got to meet her daughter (Ashley?) who is a very fine, very smart and pretty young lady studying Theatre at a local community college. It was great to meet her.

It appears that the group will attempt to gather at a barn owned by one of the members, before the weather gets too cold (the barn is not heated). Our plan is to do some silk dyeing by Low-Water-Immersion, and then to do some printing on the fabrics using silkscreen and blockprinting. This could be a very good time! (OK, so I need a new group like a crazy woman, but I am indeed focusing more on dyeing right now than any other media.)

Off to dye in the basement studio. I am getting started late, but then again, I rarely go off to bed until after 1:00am, so I still have a couple of hours to play. And it is so very hot and humid here in the office, I think I’ll enjoy the basement more than ever! See you tomorrow!

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