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Authentic Turkish Socks!

I’m a bit beside myself tonight! I have recently begun a friendship with a family originally from Turkey. They just went on vacation back home and so I sent some money with them, saying if they found any wool Turkish socks that were in my price range, I’d just love it if they would buy some for me.

I didn’t dare have any pre-conceived notions, because I have been told that these socks are not made as commonly as they once were, and may be hard to find. I also know that the several dozen pictures of Turkish socks I’ve seen might be a very unusual set of socks, the kind you might show off because of their uniqueness. I was willing for the family to come home with no socks and my money in hand… but I did hope for a pleasant surprise.

I’m telling you, I’m just reeling at the beauty of what they brought back. They did a bit of detective work while on vacation, asking around for anyone who might have a pair. They ended up bringing me four pair of socks, all knit by hand in handspun yarns. All beautiful and unique, all very different from one another. I am just thrilled!

I have taken a large number of photographs which all have to be edited, sized, you name it. I have taken pictures of each full sock, and details of toes, heels and in one case the stitch pattern itself. I am in the process of working through this large number of photos in PhotoShop so I can show you my incredibly lovely new socks, in a way that does them justice.

Wowie. This already-Turkish-sock-obsessed grrl is so delighted, it’s hard to find words.

I may have to spread these photos over a handful of days so that I don’t overwhelm those folks who have a slow connection (as I do). Today I offer a teaser photograph, a close-up of a toe. This pair is knit in natural cream wool with turquoise and black details. This one is knit in a looser gauge, from 5 st/in to 6 st/in… very warm and cushy, like ski socks. I’m also showing you a detail of the yarn from a different pair. It appears to be two plies of very hairy single-ply yarn, which looks on this pair to have been knit with two strands together… but not plied before knitting.

A few of the simpler stitch patterns in this sock are familiar from the Anna Zilboorg book, titled either Simply Socks or Fancy Feet (depending on whether you bought it in soft cover or hardbound). The larger motifs are new to me.

More pictures tomorrow. I’m such a lucky woman!

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