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Kristin Nicholas’ Sheep

I just love Kristin Nicholas (though we have not yet met in person). I’ve loved her knitting design work and her color sense for years, before I read her blog. Now that I know the blog, I have learned of her other artful endeavors (paintings and illustrations, as an example). And she is a good writer. Her books are on this page if you are interested… order direct from her and get an autograph on your book.

She lives on a farm with her husband, young daughter Julia, a herd of sheep and a menagerie of other animals including artful chickens and a guard llama. Often on the blog she talks about the animals and the nitty-gritty of farm experience.

The sheep are a big part of this… she shows baby lambs when they are born, she talks about the challenges of keeping the animals safe from coyotes, and talks about how they rotate the sheep between several pastures during the course of the year.

I’m really clear I am not cut out for farming, it’s such a complete lifestyle (requiring going outdoors to work for the animals every day, no matter what the weather… not my thing). I really respect those who make the life committment to care for animals, any animals. Hundreds of sheep on a farm is beyond my comprehension.

In October they moved about 150 sheep down the road about 3 miles, and this week they moved them back. She took excellent photos of the experience, and told of the process getting the sheep home again.

The story is so interesting, I did not want it to end. Perhaps you’d like a short digression from the holiday crazies, and you can go read the December 20 post of Getting Stitched on the Farm. Or just look at the pictures…

2 Responses to “Kristin Nicholas’ Sheep”

  1. Ewe-niss Says:

    Thank you for sharing this! I clicked the links. I must say moving 150 sheep was quite a hoot. It doesn’t seem like a big deal until I viewed the website.
    :-) And you are right about her designs and color works. Thank you. (I am going to have to share the sheep story with my kids.)

  2. mac+ Says:

    Lynn, thank you for this gift! I had NO IDEA that Kristin Nicholas was the designer whose work I have admired for years, but when I got into her website, I recognized at least four of the sweaters. Her use of color is fantastic!

    As for the sheep, well – err, I think I’ll stay happily domiciled within sight of the Sears Tower!

    On to the photo-finish of the last of the Christmas knitting. Today the gigantic Ian socks should be completed. That will be one DD’s delightful BF suitably socked for the winter!

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