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Holiday Finishing and Progress

What a good day Christmas Eve has been. I woke up early for me and got my tush on the road earlier than I normally might. I was at the grocery store at noon, and the line was not bad and it seemed most were in a good mood. I chatted with a boy in line in front of me about his new toy. Fascinating.

Planning just a little ahead

I determined to get whatever I needed to get through a day and a half of cooking, without going to the health food store. The one on my side of town is notorious for cash register slowdowns and long lines so I skipped that (the people are nice but sometimes that is not enough).

Kroger suits me fine, it’s an older store on the East side. It’s very culturally mixed and “just folks.” My favorite cashier is from Africa and I try to get in his line whenever I can. They had a Santa greeting children today which kids seemed to enjoy.

Pure entertainment

At that point I was done with obligations for the day. I went to Rae’s shop because it was literally a block from Kroger (same shopping complex) and I just enjoyed being there for a while. I knit a little and did show and tell a little, and hugged a bunch of friends. Met the sister of a knitter I know socially, and that sister is from over the pond as they say, so I was very interested in chatting for a while.

The “white tornado” returns

Starting then, and until past midnight, I seemed to have an energy I have been missing since before Thanksgiving when my sinuses started acting up. I must finally be well, because I could even sing without strain today. What a nice change! I was a “perpetual motion machine” as one friend puts it, or a “white tornado” as Brian says. I was grateful for the energy.

Good food

I came home and made a wonderful soup (food post probably tomorrow, including a recipe). I felted two bags that Diana had knit as samples (had felted a bowl the day before, big fun).

Catching up on small tasks and starting large ones

I made a bunch of sewing progress… wove/darned to repair a huge hole in a favorite pair of bulky socks, which I was really missing in this cold weather. I sewed handles on a Sassy Summer Handbag that has been waiting for those handles for maybe 6 months.

I also knit a small gift for Brian. We don’t really worry much about gifts but we sort of like to have something the other can open on Christmas day… not required but nice.

I even made some progress on the goal of a clean house. I did some in the office and some up in the bedroom, and I ran a few loads of clothes. Some of you have commented on this goal of mine, and I’m checking in with you on that. Progress, but not perfection, as they say.

Fun earring transformation

Actually, the item shown in today’s photo I completed yesterday. A dance friend got me sheep earrings for sheepearrings33.jpgChristmas. They were shiny and fun but a little small for me and were missing the element of color.

I decided to add a few beads between the earwires and the sheep charm. It worked great! I think I’ll be wearing these a lot. They have a lot of different turquoises and greens in them, so they will “go” with lots of things (no need to match when there are that many colors). In the photo you see “before” at left and “after” at right.

Food for the holiday

Tomorrow Brian will put cornish hens and sweet potatoes in the crockpot when he gets up, and that will be our ultra-simple meal for dinner. I have been eating poultry/fish more because of my doctor’s insistance, and though I’m not fond of meat I really think I am feeling much better.

To reward myself for being a good girl, I am considering making a pumpkin pie or two. The down side would be that I would have to make the crust for the first time since the 1980s. I don’t enjoy that part much, I make too much of a mess and it’s the cleanup that makes cooking a chore to me.

Holiday thoughts and gratitude

So today was mostly relationship, with some food and knitting rolled in. I’d say that made an excellent day. I think it helps to have few expectations. I think it also helps to finally feel well.

I am really counting blessings today, friends. I’m thinking of all the folks in my life who really have made things nicer for me. There are so many I really love and who are a real part of my support system. I remember the years when I had precious little in the way of support, and I am filled with gratitude and contentment for the life I live now.

3 Responses to “Holiday Finishing and Progress”

  1. Diana Troldahl Says:

    I am so happy you are feeling more yourself!

  2. mac+ Says:

    Wow! White tornado indeed! Christmas Eve and Christmas are quiet ones this year as compared to other years. Last year was a whirlwind of visiting and relatives I don’t see nearly enough of…in Atlanta, GA. But this year the quiet suits me…and I am poking my way toward organizing a sock yarn stash (to be ready for a sock-along that begins January 1), getting my mountains of quilt fabric sorted out and mostly hauled to the attic…and simply ennd joying the sounds of my DD’s newly rediscovered Playstation which is running in the kitchen.

    So much to be thankful for this year…family (very dear to me), friends (some of whom are also “family”), the ooomph to think about writing that knitting book…and last but not least, life itself. I came near to losing mine in September and have had my mind refreshed about what is important and what is not.

    Blessed Christmas!

  3. angie Cox Says:

    I love those sheep earrings and sweet potatoes are a huge favourite with us.

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