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Instant-Gratification Knitting

heartwithdreads12.jpgOh, my. I was mentioning to Rae the other day, on a mostly intellectual level, that knitting toys would be a great way to do a crash-course knitting class in shaping.

So I was in this knit/crochet community called Ravelry, and I was checking out the discussion group I sponsor, named (no surprise) ColorJoy. I have been delighted to see a steady increase in members, and I make a point to go and peek at projects created by folks who join my group.

Well, you know how that goes… you follow a link and then another link, and somehow you are in Japan or Australia or somewhere, and you don’t know how you got there. I found myself, in this case, reading about a knitting designer who specializes in toys, Anna Hrachovek, whose design business is called mochimochiland. (Mochi is a special sticky rice used in Japan… yum, but that is a whole different post.)

christmastreewithheart.jpgSo I found Anna’s site and I found a few free patterns, and there I was face to face with a free pattern for felted hearts. With eyes. Adorable. Now, mind you, I’m not much into cute but these are like baby animals rather than fluff. I was sold.

I knit with some leftover handspun from the remake of the “Turkish Sock Sweater” where I cut off the sleeves on the red section to make them a reasonable (but still long) length.

I finished one heart and got to the place where the top splits and ran out of red. So I found the leftover Manos del Uruguay from the remake of the sweater-turned-skirt and legwarmers… and finished that heart with the multicolored red/purple yarn.

I felted it, I added eyes (thank goodness I did all that embroidery in the 70s because I make a good french knot and the bulky yarn worked great for that). I sewed it and stuffed it. Then I looked at that Manos.

The yarn was in sweater form for at least 2 years before I ripped it out (partially). The yarn still has the characteristic kinkiness of yarn which has been through that process. I decided the heart needed to have dreadlocks. And so it does.

It now lives on the Christmas tree. I gave my heart to Brian on Christmas morning (isn’t that sappy?) and he used it as a decoration. I love it.

I tell you, start to finish even with dreadlocks this took just about an hour. The most fun I’ve had knitting in a while. (Lots easier than a mini-sock on 000 needles, though I think I love the result of tiny socknitting even better than the hearts.)

Photos: Finished heart up close. Christmas tree with heart on it. If you want photos of the before-sewing part and you have a Ravelry account, you can see my project page here, if you don’t do Ravelry (yet) you can go to my Flickr page instead.

3 Responses to “Instant-Gratification Knitting”

  1. Diana Troldahl Says:

    It is adorable!!

  2. mac+ Says:

    Nice work. I like these kooky critters so much that I spent a good part of the day researching amiguruchi (I think I spelled that right) and may make up a few here and there.

    I especially love the dreads!


  3. Leeann Says:

    It’s so cute!! I’ll have to make some to send out on Valentine’s day. Also, I don’t know why it didn’t occur to me to look for you on Ravelry sooner, but I just added you as a friend (my name there is fromblossoms).

    Happy holidays!

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