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Getting Un-Stuck

sweaterstart.jpgI have been thinking about how at this time of year I tend to get very focused on finishing things that have been sitting and waiting for a long time. I think it is because my work slows down and I have brain-space to approach things that had a little hiccup or place where I needed to make a decision.

So for some reason this year, I’m casting on new projects rather than fixing the old ones. I am not feeling bad about it at all.

I cast on for the sweater Altu and I will knit together. She wants to learn new things, which I so respect in anyone. I think right now it’s her way of reclaiming her former passion (for knitting) at a time when her kids mostly do not need her anymore. At life transition times, we have more opportunity for change and growth.

But for me… casting on, or diving in to old projects, both represent a moment where I got un-stuck. I tend to have trouble with transitions… whatever I’m doing, I keep focusing on that even when I need to change gears. This can make me late to meet a friend, and it can mean that projects for my work do not happen as fast as I might like. It’s about focus, in a sense. Focus that doesn’t change gears when necessary. Stuck-ness.

In the past, the one thing that would get me unstuck if I was really without direction, was to clean off my desk. It’s often a de-cluttering process that gets me moving, whether finishing projects, doing dishes or cleaning the desk. I have been doing a lot of house-cleaning in the last few weeks.

What do you do for yourself to get un-stuck? (I will be asking this question on my Ravelry ColorJoy Group as well, sorry if it’s redundant for some of you.) I think we can really learn from one another by sharing our own experience on this question.

Photo? It’s a sweater, can’t you tell? It’s all faith here for a while, I think…

3 Responses to “Getting Un-Stuck”

  1. Marianne Says:

    For me, this time of year makes me want to de clutter but our house (temporary) is very small and not our own so we are unable to make cubby holes etc. I have boxes and baskets everywhere! I only have two or three projects that need finishing so that is a good feeling, one of them is a baby jacket that just needs the edging sewn on. It is for no one in particular either so I don’t feel compelled to finish it. Anyway, when I am feeling the need to get un-stuck I simply tip out a drawer! To sort out just one small area makes me feel better and able to move on. It could be a cupboard or a drawer or a shelf….it really does work and seems to clear out the doldrums! Now I just have to listen to my advice and tip out that knicker drawer that is in a right old state! LOL!!

    I left this reply on Ravelry too… :^)

  2. Diana Troldahl Says:

    Hmm. If I understand the way you mean ‘stuck’ I go and do something as diametrically opposite to the ‘stuck’ activity as possible. Sort of like cleansing my palate ( or clearing my sinuses). Shifting gears, letting that part of my mind rest always seems to give me a new approach to whatever problem had me floundering.

  3. Chelle Says:

    I’m enjoying reading about your unstuckness. And the decluttering. And the inventorying. I’m doing all that stuff right now too. It must be the time of year.