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Little Updates on a Holiday Weekend

I slept in after the long day at Ren Fest yesterday. Once I was up, Tony called, so he came over for a cup of tea and we knit together for a while. He finally got a chance to check out my Turkish socks. Then we went out for a meal and browsed a bookstore (remember when everything was closed on Labor day? I was amazed we had so many choices of things to do in East Lansing). Then his truck wouldn’t start… I took him home and he came back a little later with our friend Susan Hensel, who I’ve not seen in maybe 6 months or even more. It was wonderful to see her again.

The three of us had more tea and chatted more. The tow truck came and got Tony’s truck and then Sue and Tony left. But I was sort of glad that the truck thing meant I got to see Sue again! I’m sorry for Tony that he’s got car troubles, but it gave me a nice social event. Maybe he’ll end up with a 4-day weekend which is not all bad.

After they left, Brian and I went to our Abbott Brothers band practice. It was fun, we haven’t seen one another enough this summer with everyone’s vacations. We are preparing to play at Altu’s in October, which will be great fun.

In knitting news, this week I finished (or nearly finished, I have ends to work in) a pair for a swap partner. I also just finished toes for a short slouchy pair for myself, a pair I’ve used as brainless-on-the-road knitting for a good long while. I dug out a pair of Fast Florida Footies I started many months ago but stopped when I couldn’t find the second ball of yarn for it. Now I found the second ball and I’m missing a little tiny ball of contrasting yarn I was going to use for toes. Go figure. But I do have more done on those while I try to find the contrast yarn.

I had thought I’d spend an hour or two today organizing the plastic bins I keep my yarn in. However, I’d rather spend time with Tony any day, so the organizing will wait. I did at least clean up my kitchen a good deal. Who wants to clean house when there is knitting to do? Not me. But today I cleaned for a short while.

Right now I’m wiped out and need to get horizontal to heal myself. I have a tiny fever so maybe I need to see the doc about meds for these grumpy sinuses. Other than that, I really did have a lovely weekend.

Oh… I have been eating locally-grown peaches this week. I love peaches! I’m totally in heaven. This makes the end of summer not quite as sad for me.

I used to also enjoy fresh sweet corn on the cob at this time of year. I liked to make a wonderful soup with corn cut from the cob after cooking, and blackeyed peas and black pepper (and whatever other vegetables I had in the house). It was wonderful, and sweet and satisfying. Loved it. I’ll have to figure out another way to make Blackeyed pea soup one of these days (I can’t eat corn any more) but for now peaches are harvest celebration enough.

One Response to “Little Updates on a Holiday Weekend”

  1. Annie Says:

    Joy – ur, Eudora – it sounds like you had a GRAND TIME!

    I haven’t read your blog in a while – LOVE reading about the Turkish socks! That’s what we’ll be doing at the Seaside thingy – knitting socks with ‘afterthought’ or Turkish heels. Man, I am so ignorant of so much of sock lore and magic!

    Love the costume stuff – and it also sounds like you had a GREAT date (minor league ballparks are a romantic treat for hubby and myself…)

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