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Kadri’s German-California Footies

Fast Florida Footie knit by Kadri in GermanyKadri wrote me long ago about my Fast Florida Footie pattern, asking clarification on three parts of my pattern. I unfortunately lost her note when I accidentally closed a whole bunch of pending messages on my email program. (In a split second, we type a keystroke and the computer dutifully does what we told it to do… you know?) Fortunately, she recently found my blog and wrote me again. Other folks had asked about two of her points but not the third, and all the input I get makes my pattern more clear.

Kadri lives in Germany and so she couldn’t get the Cascade Fixation yarn I used for this pattern. She knit the pattern in Regia 6-ply (Sportweight, one version is called Crazy in the United States).

Since my example size on the free pattern page is for a small foot, and the yarn she chose didn’t stretch as much as the cotton/lycra Fixation, her footies were too small for her. However, they were the right size for her mother who lives in California. So these are Kadri’s Mom’s Fast California Footies! Thanks for sending the picture, Kadri!

She writes, in part:

I am sending you my picture, not that you can show them off for me, but as a “thank you” for providing us with your wonderful pattern. You can do whatever you like with it, as long as you don’t claim that you knit them yourself. The design is purely yours, since at the time of my knittting them, I did not have the experience to tweak the tiniest bit.

I read your pattern so carefully, since this was the first knitting pattern that I have ever used that was written in English. Although I am a born & raised American, I have lived in Germany off and on for 17 years. I learned to knit in German in Germany, so I learned the English knitting vocabulary as a second step. In fact, all the turning the heel vocabulary, I most likely learned from your Florida Footie pattern. I have been knitting socks since January, so I am a newbie.

I’m delighted that this pattern was a good learning pattern. I love working with folks who are new at a skill. Learning is such an exciting thing to do!

By the way, Kadri also notes that she made a second pair with the same type of yarn, adding a few more stitches, and they fit her great! I’m delighted.

2 Responses to “Kadri’s German-California Footies”

  1. lindaredfield Says:

    can you send me a website or book ideas so I can learn knitting the German way? I learned it briefly as a child and I cannot get used to the American way! Thank you Linda

  2. Nancy Says:

    I too want to learn to knit the german way. My grandmother changed over to german way and said it is twice as fast.

    Looking for a site that teaches this.

    Thanks so much.

    Nancy Ravenel

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