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Time for a Gratitude List

briankissinglynntiny.jpgI’ve been grumpy today. The weather is crummy, the squirrel got back into the attic and my legs are like rubber bands so I can’t stand or walk long at all. When I try to do anything not sitting down I need a 2 hour nap very soon thereafter.

It is very easy to get into a funk in a Michigan February anyway, and I have work to do. I can not stay with the grumpy spot my brain is in right now if I want to get anything done at all. Therefore, it’s time for a gratitude list again. So here it is:

  • Brian.
  • Tapioca pudding.
  • Sweet potatoes, baked with butter and nutmeg.
  • Friends who call to see how I am doing.
  • Friends online who write and make me feel better.
  • Every single one of you who comes by this blog… especially when you take the time to comment, but that is not at all necessary.
  • Brian.
  • My wonderful 1998 VW New Beetle, Joy Bug. I love that car. I love her soooo much. She has 130,000 miles and needs some tender loving care sometimes but I am still in love like I was in 1999 when I got her. She doesn’t show her age at all, not a single rust spot.
  • Wool, alpaca, mohair.
  • Music.
  • Brian.
  • Health insurance, thanks to Brian and his workplace.
  • Everybody I work for, every shop, every student.
  • Ravelry… what an inspiring place this online fiber community has become.
  • My family… the ones I was born to and the ones married in.
  • The wonderful relationship I have with my Mom and my Brother after all these years… earned the hard way.
  • Brian.
  • This house. It’s quirky like me. Brian picked it before we met but it’s very like what I picked for myself, and with prettier wood trim (and much better parking).
  • The porch on this house. Heaven.
  • Lansing and all the creative people in it.
  • All the travel I have done in my life… 250,000 miles on my former car, Martha G., and trips out of the country mostly as gifts or windfalls, each trip as magical as the one before.
  • Good foods, especially “ethnic” foods.
  • Fun clothes.
  • Wonderful yarns in my house ready for me to knit with them.
  • My career(s), both knitting/fiber/art and music.
  • The sense that I am no longer an outsider in my own town. I belong.
  • Brian.

4 Responses to “Time for a Gratitude List”

  1. patch Says:

    Something to brighten your day a little, if you haven’t seen this before …


    I just had to show this link I found to someone I knew would appreciate it!

  2. Cyndy Says:

    Spring is coming!
    Are you going to dye more Cushy Color Sport?

  3. Lori Says:

    It is sunny today, so I hope you are feeling brighter. Sit in a sunny window, shut your eyes and see yourself with those you love enjoying the sun and each other. I am grateful for you and your excitement for life and the off chance that we would meet at a parks and rec knitting class once upon a time. See you tomorrow night at Rae’s. Lori

  4. Ahrisha Says:

    I love my 1998 Silver Beetle too.
    My milage is somewhere around the 130,000 mile mark
    and still going strong. Great cars. Since my favorite
    color is orange she has an orange rose in her vase.

    Sorry you are feeling blue. I get the blues of winter too
    and was very excited when I learned that we were going to
    Florida for a few weeks. Just arrived home to cold dreary
    weather. I believe the report is for icy conditions. Yuck.

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