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Polymer Clay Sculpture

Thanks to blog reader Patch, I got referred to SaraJane Helms’ website where she and other polymer-clay-artist friends are making a miniature quilt store (scale works for 11.5″ dolls, I think that’s like a Barbie). It is truly wonderful. I have met some of the artists involved in this project, back when polymer clay was new and it was my only artform. They have continued with the clay as I have proceeded first to soft block printing and for the last 6 years, knitting.

SaraJane’s husband Bryan Helms also does some amazing collage work. He uses small polymer clay pieces and affixes them to found objects, often musical instruments which no longer are able to make proper music for whatever reason. He is a musician as well. I think he thinks something like I do, he made a wig head into a polymer and glass bead sculpture (I’ve made both mailart styrofoam heads and polymer clay-embellished glass heads).

If you are interested in where creativity can take an artist, checking out their site is worth your while. Have fun!

One Response to “Polymer Clay Sculpture”

  1. Jen Says:

    Hello! I happened across your blog totally randomly; in fact, I was looking for listings for local Asian Markets. Funny how things work eh? Regardless, your designs, both fiber and polymer based, are wonderful to look at, and it’s refreshing to see that kind of art is alive and well in Lansing.

    I, myself, am a writer by trade, but I knit and design jewelry whenever I can. I also just moved to the Lansing area, from the East Coast. I was wondering if you could recommend any particular knitting/arts/crafts groups who are open to new folks; I would greatly, muchly appreciate it as I try to acclimate to the new environment here.

    Thanks again, and fabulous work!

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