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A Perfect Day to Meet the Neighbors

It snowed again last night. Depending on where you look it may be 1-3″ of snow. It’s not very cold out, and if I had energy and leisure I’d make another snowman. I’m really excited to be working, though, so I’m OK with all that.

The birds seem unaware that it looks like winter. They are singing like it is spring. I hope they are right. It is the last day of February, on a long-February month, and I know that my violets in the yard usually bloom in March. So maybe the birds remember things like that.

I am taking photos for my patterns today and my camera ran out of batteries. Luckily I live pretty close to a place where I can get them, but I’m still working with wobbly knees so I drove. I noticed that it seems half the neighborhood is out shoveling, even though it’s midday on a work day. It would be the perfect day to meet neighbors… but I’m working and can’t go out and socialize.

I saw a funny sight on the way to the store. This guy of retiree age was pushing his very fancy snowblower. First I noticed how he had to turn his head to not get snow in his face (that would really bug me). Then I looked at the machine he was pushing.

The blower was really big… most are about the width of a shovel but his was more like a lawnmower, with a blade over knee-high. And this guy was cleaning snow… off his street. His street. Wow. Maybe he likes snow, or maybe he likes his snowblower as much as my father did. Or maybe his car just doesn’t go when the snow is this deep. The guy’s driveway was only one lot away from a more-traveled street.

As for me, indoors is where I want to be when it is snowing outside. Unless it’s really warm snow and I can make a snowman. But not today.

Photo: Snowman Brian and I made on January 1 of this year. That was fun!

2 Responses to “A Perfect Day to Meet the Neighbors”

  1. Mom Says:

    The last day in February and it is the 29th. That is the day your great grandparents married. Great Grandpa Caldwell was sort of a card. He said he would marry on the 29th or not at all. Lucky for us they married. Mom was born on Januarey 8th 1897, so you can figure back from there to know the year they married. They did not get to celebrate many anniversaries as your Great Grandma Caldwell died at 26 from some sort of a lung infection. Your Great Grandpa was a commerical artist and a professional photographer. It sort of seems as if you have a few of his genes!

  2. Vicki Says:

    I love the Snowman, he is funny.

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