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babylynn.jpgVicki/KnittingDragonflies has tagged me… in a meme to share 7 random (or weird) facts about me.

Actually, she tagged me on February 7, the day I was so sick with the influenza/nausea that I was trying not to breathe or move at all. I totally missed the tag until today.

So here it goes. I am choosing to share color memories. Some people have no memories of this sort, so I’m thinking they are “weird” facts. I’ve wanted to share a few of these stories, anyway. It is great that they fit together well here.

  1. My first memory is of color. I was about 2 years old (according to my mother who can piece together my story into the fact we lived in Minneapolis at the time). We walked to the house of friends who had many children, mostly older than me. They had a game which was a set of rings in sort of a coliseum shape, where you put marbles on the top ring and players took turns pushing the rings back and forth.

    The goal (I found later) was to make the opponents’ marbles go to the bottom faster than yours.I was too small to understand the rules but I did understand that pushing the rings would move marbles down one round at a time. But the important thing, the reason I remember, is because of the blue and yellow alternating rings of color on the toy. It was so beautiful!

    They would not allow me to play with it because I was too small. I was crushed. It was about color!!!

  2. As a child I was delighted when told I had been born in “Golden Valley” Minnesota. It’s a suburb of Minneapolis, but it sounded so beautiful to me. And, one more time, it was about color.
  3. When I was very young and playing house, either alone down in my basement or with others, we had to make up names for ourselves. I would insist on being the Mommy (what fights we would have when the first-borns would not give up on being the only Mommy in the game). And being a mommy meant that I needed a different name.

    I would work through possible last names. Black? Boring. Brown or White? Boring, too. Gray? Same. Green? OK, that sounded much nicer. So I always said my last name was Green. It did not occur to me that I could choose a last name that was NOT also a color.

  4. When I was in elementary school, the mid-to-late 1960’s in small-town Michigan, the color purple was something of a a joke to my father. He would sometimes say he was the Purple People eater. Or he’d say while we were waiting for a railroad train to cross the road, that THIS one surely would have a purple caboose at the end. He was always wrong but we would hope.

    Now, my father never hit us but he loved to tell stories and make them sound extreme and dramatic. So somehow one time he said if we were bad during the year, Santa would bring us a Purple Whip for our stockings (rather than coal). I don’t know why he started this, but once he started he did not back down on it.

    So, one Christmas season we all went as a family (Mom/Dad, Eric and I) to the five and dime store to get small presents for each other’s stockings. And I went with Mom to get presents for Dad and Eric, then we switched parents. And while I was with Dad, the store lady approached Mom and Eric to ask whether she could help them.

    Mind you… at this time, about 1964, it was nearly impossible to find any commercial item in the color purple. No clothing, no pens/pencils, trinkets, nothing. These days many girls say it’s their favorite color but in those days girl clothing came in standard pastels, red and pink but not purple.

    So when the lady came up to ask, Eric (toddler of age 4) asked “Do you have a purple whip?” My mom was floored and embarrassed. So Mom explained Dad’a joke to the lady. And the only thing they could find in the entire store under a dollar, with purple on it, was a washcloth with a tiny purple stripe and wider lavender stripes, on white. So it would have to do.

    Mom had to clue Dad in to the joke ahead of time. Dad laughed as he should (and it was truly funny). And Eric was very pleased with himself. Clever. He still is.

  5. I always wanted to play flute as a child. I remember the first time I saw/heard one, Mrs. Gibbs/Music teacher brought one to school and played us records (vinyl) of music played on flute. I was in love.

    I do love the sound of a flute, but I think now that the shiny factor was also very big. I ended up playing Clarinet for 5 years, Dad did not want me on flute (long story). I never loved clarinet.

    Now I realize why. It was black. Flute is shiny. Now, a bad-sounding flute also sounds much nicer than a bad-sounding clarinet, which did not help things. But I remember I also loved banjos at the time and I knew almost nothing about them other than they were silver-bodied. Shiny.

  6. I have always loved the colors I still love. My fave colors are turquoise, fuschia/magenta, purple, and hot green. I also sometimes wear bright cobalt blue, emerald green, black (my colors look great against black) and very occasionally red.

    As a small child, my favorite crayons were in the same range of colors I love now. I have a drawing I made when learning to print, and the colors I chose were magenta and purple crayon (see image). I am not sure where the magenta came from, as typically in our house we had “only” 8 colors of crayons.

  7. My first knitting project was in 5th grade, in Mr. Johnson’s class (1969). I remember it was a Barbie pink headband with many “hiccups.” Who knows what happed to that project, but my mom amazingly took me all the way to East Lansing to get more yarn after I made that.

    I was allowed to (only) choose 2 colors. It was painful choosing two out of all the choices. They had small skeins of acrylic Red Heart, and I took home one skein in turquoise (go figure) and one in emerald green.

    To this day, when I see those two colors near one another I go back to the day I chose them out of all the possible choices, at the five and dime (same one as the purple story above).

I am not big on choosing people for a meme, but if anyone wants to play who is reading this, please do go right ahead and dive in!

2 Responses to “Tagged.”

  1. Mom Says:

    AND, when Eric went to college, I included the old purple striped washcloth with the towels and washcloths sent off to school. He is now 47 and still has the washcloth! He was 12 when his daddy died, so it was fun for him to have it and he still enjoys having it.
    I am sure the extra color crayons came from your Troldahl grandparents.

  2. Vicki Says:

    Ohhh. Sick means you can check out of life for awhile. I love your blog, and
    your knitting. Spring is here, and soon it will be green!
    I have been cleaning and not blogging too much, how do you manage to keep up
    with everything?

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