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Another Too-Slow Weekend

Wow. I guess I needed to sleep. I slept 14 hours nonstop. How can a human even do that? No doubt I needed it, but waking up at 3pm is startling, to say the least. I often go to bed at 1am, but I typically wake up in mid-morning. This is amazing!

I was supposed to go to my first machine-knitting club today. It’s in Birmingham, in the greater Detroit area. I’m really bummed to miss out but knew a long trip by car to a place I’d never gone, would not be a healing activity for me. I thought if I felt better at all today I’d play with the knitting machine here. I think, though, that I really need to wait on that.

Last night I worked on the Cabled Sweat Socks. This is slow going. I would work on both sox until it was time to do a row with cable crossings. Then I’d put them down and read Nancy Bush’s Folk Knitting in Estonia book. Then I’d gather up courage and make myself do another cable cross row, and merrily knit the next five rows (on both sox) that were just knits and a few purls. Then I’d find another distracting thing to read.

I’ve done cables before, and they never really were my favorite from a knitting standpoint, but these sox are getting to me. I think it’s because these are on tiny needles and fairly rigid yarn. I have to really try to remember to knit loosely on the row before the cables cross, or it is just a mess. On size 1 (2.25mm) needles, there is no room for the yarn to stretch and forgive me.

You know, Marlene Osborn, owner of Yarn for Ewe, is just a fanatical Aran sweater knitter. She does sweater after sweater full of cables, and is always asking people if they have tried an Aran yet.

Also Tracy/Sweatergirl does a lot of cabled stuff. And she often spins her own yarn, as well! I love wearing cables, but recently I’ve been wishing for a sort of benevolent grandma-type to knit me all the beautiful cabled sweaters I long to wear, but know I would never knit. At least I know I wouldn’t finish, before I even contemplate buying yarn. It would be a real tragedy to pay for the yarn and start, but not finish. Better to just knit other things!

I think I have only one more cable-crossing row ahead of me on these sox. That’s six crossings on each foot, a total of 12. I think I can make myself finish these today. But geeze, where did all my knitting time go? I slept the morning and half the afternoon away! I did feel a bit more tired yesterday, though I didn’t crave a nap… but this took over for it. I did drink a ton of water when I woke up and I’m heading to a nice soaking bath, to get re-hydrated. (Don’t you just love a leisurely bath? There is no more simple and affordable luxury that can turn my day around, like a hot bath.)

Off to my bath and one more repeat of cables, followed by a set of normal-enough toe decreases. Then I can knit something fun! Wonder what I’ll settle on for the next project?

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