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Knitting Progress

Well, I thought I was getting well and went to Art and Marlene’s for Thai dinner yesterday, just a few hours. I swear, I went there and sat and knit the whole time. I didn’t get up and move around, was really good to myself, and yet here I am, sick again/still. No fair! This social person is going nuts sitting on the couch for days on end! Ugh.

But I am not in charge, other than to be good to myself. And so most of the time I give in to reality and sit with my feet up and knit. I only sit at the computer for short times, and on the couch for long times. It can’t last forever, it’s just a virus. I need to give in to reality. End of pouting…

The good news is that I have done a good deal of knitting. I’m learning a lot about myself in the process. I am letting go of unwise projects, better than ever. I have a bin full of UFO’s (UnFinished Objects) and I have been looking at them one at a time, alternating with new projects. It’s quite enlightening.

I finished the Cabled Sweat Socks yesterday. They really are beautiful, but I did not enjoy the process of knitting them. Now the fun begins, because I’ll be wearing them! Right now they are blocked and drying, I’ll take pics soon.

I already trashed the crocheted socks project. The gauge was way off, more than initially obvious. And honestly, I couldn’t see where I would find lumpy worsted-weight yarn to be comfortable other than as bedsocks. I do want to learn crochet, and I did start to learn how to read patterns in crochet, but I will need a different pattern to proceed in the crochet-learning realm.

I got out what started as a quick project to knit this summer while working the Ann Arbor Art Fair. I sort of was making up the pattern on the fly. It is in a sportweight fuschia/rainbow yarn that, like the yarn for the sox I finished yesterday, sort of screamed it should be cables. Well, I don’t know enough about cables to make up a pattern. I cast on what would be a generous number of stitches for regular socks, made a rolled cuff edge, and then even increased to start a very simple cable pattern. Well, when I tried them on yesterday they won’t fit over my heel, like not even close. I’m thinking now that maybe these could be interesting cuffs for mittens perhaps. They need to go back to the UFO bin while I mull over solutions. I am NOT going to undo all that cable knitting. It’s only about 3″ on each cuff so far, but it looks lovely and I am not taking it out. Either it will be kids’ sox or some wrist thing for me. We’ll see.

I’m only about an inch to the toes for a pair I’ve done as waiting-in-line sox for Brian, for months now. (Boring, gray/beige/taupe in Ringel patterning by Regia, but perfect for every day wear.) They are so close to done that I didn’t take them to dinner last night, I knew I’d be measuring and figuring and decreasing which would not be good. So instead I started a new pair for brainless-knitting times. (Yes that sounds bad but think of it as a Buddhist meditation and it doesn’t seem like an insult at all.)

The new pair are for Brian, in Meilenweit which Rob and Matt of Threadbear Fiberarts gave me (at the late-summer PicKnit Tracy A./Sweatergirl arranged).

This yarn is very fun. It’s orange and grass green and soft navy stripes with gray/cream “jacquard” patterns. I love knitting it though the colors are not my style. Brian says he’d enjoy wearing them, so it’s a great thing. I am significantly making progress on both cuffs on those and I just started them about 5pm yesterday afternoon. When I am knitting round and round in stockinette, I really crank! I love that sort of knitting.

Notice something interesting in the picture. I had heard of this, but in my 80-some pairs of sox, this is the first time I’d encountered it. These sox are from the same dyelot, two different balls, and one is wound in the opposite way. I started both with a navy stripe, but one goes navy/orange/green and one goes navy/green/orange. I’m leaving it, after all these are on-the-road sox and there is nothing simple about having a ball of yarn in your bag spinning around because you’re knitting from the outside. Ugh. Brian will wear them, they still are the same yarn just slightly different. But how interesting!

I also decided I would try as many toe-up starting procedures as I could stand to try. Saturday night I could hardly fall asleep trying to picture one in my head that I’d read in Socks for Sandals and Clogs, by Anna Zilboorg (Click on picture in previous post for details on the booklet).

I tried Anna’s Vega sock toe yesterday. I did two full repeats of the instep pattern. I had given myself permission to stop after that point and maybe make a little coin purse or pouch for holding finger cymbals. I used Dale’s Freestyle washable worsted weight yarn in a sort of butter yellow and periwinkle. Lovely stuff, but very bulky on the size 4 needles I used. I haven’t blocked it yet, but you can still see the idea. A beautiful pattern. I think I have enough yarn to make a pair at least slipper-tall, and it appears that my gauge would work for my foot, but I’m not sure I want to go further. I can set that aside for now.

I found another toe-up start in the Socks, Socks, Socks book, written by Traci Bunkers (the Kool-Aid dyed socks in a Turkish-looking style if you have seen the book). I must give that a shot soon. It’s so freeing to let myself just do the toe and then stop. I can learn a procedure without committing to a whole pair, when all I want to learn is the toe, anyway!.

Off to put my feet up on the couch. Maybe I’ll finish that pair for Brian that has only an inch and then toes. It’s lovely finishing all these projects!

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  1. Charlotte Says:

    Have you seen a doctor about this virus? Methinks it has hung around long enough that medical attention is needed to scare it off.

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