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Habibi Dancers’ 25th Anniversary Show

This Saturday, the Habibi Dancers (I am one) will be presenting their 25th anniversary concert at Hannah Community Center in East Lansing, Michigan. The City Pulse newspaper (I *love* these folks) put a relatively long article in their paper this week about the show.

They also included a photo of us in rehearsal for the show. I’m front/left, wearing green (though I’ll be wearing hot pink for the concert itself).

3 Responses to “Habibi Dancers’ 25th Anniversary Show”

  1. Sriyana Says:

    Wish I could be there to see the show! Do you think there will be any video clips from it posted online? I would love to see your dancing.

  2. Howlin' Hobbit Says:

    Yeah! I’m down with Sriyana on this. You’ve posted lots of still photos of the Habibi Dancers, but dance isn’t a “still” thing it’s a “moving” thing (pun intended).

    YouTube is our friend.

  3. LynnH Says:

    There is an official videographer for our shows, so I doubt I’d be allowed to post anything on YouTube from this event.

    However, I’ll see if I can get Brian to video me when I’m dancing at Aladdin’s Restaurant next time. Deal?

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