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Another Day out in My World

I had a good day. I started with lunch at Altu’s restaurant, where I met my friend Ulyana. It was late enough after the lunch hour that Altu sat with us, and it was so fun. Three self-employed women enjoying each other, laughing, sharing life. And eating that great food. Charles, Altu’s brother-in-law who works at the restaurant, was also there. I had not seen him in weeks and it was great to say hello again. I sure missed my life while I was on that couch!

After lunch, I went to Foster for a few hours. I had five knitters and five computer kids. I love those kids! They were all relieved to find that I was OK after not being there so long. I was delighted to see how far they had knit before needing my assistance. And my youngest boy (age 6) came in with another knitted ring ready to sew up. He loves these instant projects. I found out why: His parents buy the rings from him. How sweet! That is one way of earning an allowance I had not heard of before!

I finished the ends on Brian’s Regia Ringel sox today. Toes I think are Trekking Tweed fingering weight, mostly black. I hope they feel as comfy as this picture makes them look! Last night I also finally blocked the Fast Florida Footies I made for myself weeks ago. And I’m done with the cuffs on the new sox-in-progress for Brian, the Meilenweit navy/green/orange jacquard.

I am going to make these with an afterthought/peasant heel (top down) so I’m just preparing to knit in some waste yarn for half a round and then continue down to the toe. I think that a peasant heel looks better on a self-patterning sock, as the stripes don’t get distorted. I can get around it a little by using a contrasting yarn for heel and toe, but I don’t really have any solid I would like with this yarn very much and Im sort of eager to see the stripes in a peasant heel. These will no doubt be very fun sox!

Today it was cold and rainy and miserable. I really love hot 85F degree days, and am grieving that I lost the last 2 weeks of summer by being ill. One day it was so hot I sat out in the hammock on the porch but most days I stayed inside… and now it is like fall weather hit, the second the calendar said it was fall. Boo Hoo. OK, end of pout…

The good part of the cold was that I got to wear my mohair wristwarmers that I knit last week. They are very warm, indeed, and pretty comfortable. I made the opening for my thumb an extra 2 stitches wider than the Voodoo pattern, but it still seems maybe that I’d like it to be larger so it wouldn’t bind. I think next time I do a wristwarmer, I might make at least a tiny gusset for the thumb hole, even if I don’t do individual fingers. My thumb gets cold out there where the wind can hit it! That will take more work, but I think it will be worth it. There is a lot of room for experimentation, since the form of a wristwarmer is essentially so simple. I do love these, though… they will be just the ticket for rainy days like this.

I’m contemplating some striped legwarmers. I saw a wonderful advertisement with striped legwarmers up far past the knee, worn with tights and a miniskirt. Ooh, how lovely that is. The young model, of course, has loooong sticks for legs. I have shorter legs but they are thin enough for fat legwarmers, and I do look good in a miniskirt even at 44 years old. I’m contemplating using my knitting machine to knit a wool miniskirt, as well. This could be great fun.

And in the long run, I must have wool longjohns (long underwear, to translate for those outside the US) to keep me warm during the winter. I know I will never knit them by hand, but a knitting machine would be perfect. That is, if I can afford that much yarn… it would take a lot of fingering weight to make a pair, even for short, small me. But SmartWool brand has a pair for $55 US, and so knitting my own exactly to fit is possible in comparison to that!

Anyone figured out yet how to get more than 24 hours in a day? So many ideas, so little time…

One Response to “Another Day out in My World”

  1. Valerie Says:

    Try paradisefibers.com (no affiliation)for their Brown Sheep seconds–you could probably make them for under $55. But even on a machine it’ll be a lot of knitting.

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