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Tallying the Goodies (FO’s)

Well, I’m inspired by Sarah Peasley‘s finishing binge lately. Now, I confess that she has been finishing big things like sweater after sweater after sweater, and a huuuuge entrelac bag that started out as a piano-bench cosy. She cranks, and I bow to her!

But I am impressed with myself anyway. That is probably a good thing because it keeps me going and motivated to keep knitting. So here is what I think is my list of completed projects since 9/5 (the first day of Wheatland Music Festival):

  • September-to-September Sweater for me

  • Pizzazz Stole
  • Regia roll-cuff slouchy turquoise jacquard sox for me
  • Fast Florida Footies for me
  • Several dozen dyed skeins of Seaside Sportweight yarn for sale
  • Pseudo-Turkish sox from Seaside yarn
  • Mohair Beret
  • Cabled Sweat Socks from SpinOff Booklet for me
  • Mohair Wrist Warmers
  • Regia Ringel Taupe Sox for Brian

Not too shabby, eh? And I tossed out one project that needed to never really happen, and I put another on the back burner until I can figure out what new life it might have in it. I think retiring something is an accomplishment, as it frees up the creative space in my head for new things. And I’m preparing for many new things, soon.

The only two socks on that list you haven’t seen here in pictures yet, in some form or another, are the Regia turquoise Roll-cuff slouch sox for me (these slouch so perfectly I am just thrilled) and my Fast Florida Footies. I’ve made these several times but never for me to wear. My turn to try out the Fixation yarn personally! I used leftovers from other projects and nearly ran out of the variegated yarn so I just put in a single stripe of what was left at the toe, to tie in with the roll-cuff and heel in that same yarn.

I haven’t taken any pics of the Pizzazz stole, either… but in pictures it will look much like the turquoise stole I did at the Allegan festival. In person they look very different but they both read “turquoise” at first glance.

Oh, and the highlight of my day was a new knitter at Foster Center. She’s probably in High School. She came in and asked could she learn (it was computer time but she was the only kid in the room at the time). Her grandma knits and she does rug hooking but wanted to learn knitting. She took to it like a fish to water. Finished a small project very quickly and took needles and yarn and a totebag home with her. I expect she’ll return, as she’s a regular on Teen Night (I usually work earlier in the day than Teen Night but on Thursdays I’m there till 6pm). Whee! What a rush it is to teach someone who learns so easily!

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