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Hearts for Isabel

Last Wednesday my little friend Isabel turned 4 years old. She likes to sort things, such as my polymer clay buttons. She sorts by color, size, whether she can stack them or not.


I knit her eight hearts, two each in different sized yarns. All different colors.


Her first instinct after opening the package was to try to stack them. She did get 2 to stack but the 3rd did not work at all, and she went on without a hiccup to sorting by size.

This is what she came up with, at least at one point during her heart-exploration time. We had a lovely time together at the coffee shop.


I adore this child with every cell in my body. She’s wonderful company, and she turns my sour attitude around (when I have one) in about a minute or less. What would I do without Isabel? She lights up my world. In fact, I sometimes call her “Sunshine” as a nickname. It suits her.

Yarns in last photo, from top to bottom (I don’t have dye lots or color numbers handy, please understand I was knitting from stash, sometimes leftover balls I had hanging around…

Malabrigo Merino Worsted
Nashua Creative Focus Worsted (Wool/Alpaca)
Magic Garden Buttons wool/polyester “effect”
Filatura di Crosa Zara washable wool
Lion Brand Magic Stripes (sportweight sockyarn, wool/nylon)
Kroy 4ply sock yarn, wool/nylon
Fortissima Socka (?) cotton blend
Noro Kureyon Sockyarn wool/nylon

The pattern is from Anna H at Mochimochiland, free pattern here.

5 Responses to “Hearts for Isabel”

  1. Diana Troldahl Says:

    What a perfect gift!
    I was just looking at the pattern yesterday, and thinking it would be a fun knit.
    I might make a mobile for my friend’s new baby. The baby isn’t due until October (on MY birthday!) so that gives me some time :-}

  2. Kris Elliott Says:

    WHat a wonderful idea! It suspect even people who are not four might cherish a knitted heart or two!


  3. Paz Says:

    Oh, so cute! I love this!


  4. fleegle Says:

    Those are simply adorable!

    We would have rather ridden the camel in Egypt, but considering how the Middle East is these days, he decided that Cartersville, Georgia was safer :)

    Even though there were no pyramids, it was still fun!

  5. AlisonH Says:

    I made little heart necklaces for my little girls that those very much remind me of. Reading about your little friend had me nodding, yup. That’s why I kept having babies. They are such charming people. And in their 20’s, they still are.

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