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Fun Sheep & Wool Show

I went to the Sheep and Wool show to work in Deb/Scarlet Zebra’s booth today. I didn’t like the several miles of dirt road to get there, but once in her booth I had a wonderful time. I actually sold quite a bit of yarn, and met some great people.

Two folks introduced themselves when they recognized my name from email lists. Robin (I hope I spelled that right) and Emily were there, and it was great to meet them. Robin had sent yarn for my CityKidz Knit! program at Foster Center earlier this year and we finally got to meet. That was a pleasure!

It was a long day, and it did start out cold but I brought my double-thickness sweater I finished for Wheatland, plus I wore two pair of alpaca sox (there is nothing nicer than alpaca for softness and warmth). I wore some legwarmers I had knit, a mohair beret I knit, and my wristwarmers plus alpaca fingerless gloves. That made seven items I’d knit myself.

I wasn’t really trying to be stylish, I was trying to stay warm… but it was amusing how many people told me they really liked my “outfit.” You folks here know that pretty much all my clothes fit in the “turquoise, fuschia and purple” color scheme. So when I was wearing all these assorted warm handknits, it appeared to others that I had coordinated myself on purpose! It’s nice to know I look good when I’m trying to keep from shivering.

Actually, it was an odd day for weather. There was a stiff wind off and on, then it would be still and peaceful. Most of the day there was some cloudcover, but we definitely had some long stretches of sunshine. Deb and I amused ourselves over how often we had to put on the sweaters, take them off, and repeat.

I sold about half of my Seaside yarn today, and a handful of other yarns, plus some handpainted merino fiber for felting or spinning. Deb will be there tomorrow selling without me, but she kept my yarns with her. We will see how it goes tomorrow. This is kind of nice, because leaving my things with her means we now have an excuse to meet up in the next week or so. That will be a pleasure, as always.

Deb and I live about 2 hours apart, so we usually find some fibery place to meet that is partway between us. Usually we meet at Elaine’s Yarns in Davison (just east of Flint). We are thinking this time we might meet up at Heritage Spinning in Lake Orion. The owner of that business is Joan Sheridan Hoover. I’d met her at Allegan and heard her name but didn’t know to connect the two.

Joan and I talked briefly today. I may be teaching some classes for her in the future. Everything is quite tentative, but I love teaching, and she asked if I’d come up with a few classes for her. I would love to! I was born to teach, I think. There is nothing like connecting with a group as they begin to understand something new. It’s a rush, for sure.

Tonight when I got home I started making a scarf for a music friend, using the Ultimate Sweater Machine. Since I’m making a Knit 2 Purl 2 rib on a machine that can only knit, I have to back and re-form half the stitches, but it is still faster than knitting it all by hand. The scarf is blue and gray Lion Brand Kool Wool, a yarn I really like (and that knits up at a fat gauge to help speed things along). It is looking really good, and I hope he will like it.

Tomorrow my mother is having a party in commemmoration of my father’s life. Dad died 30 years ago this year. It is sort of amazing how many people are coming and from how far. One colleague from the late 1950’s is flying in from New York state for the day. It should be interesting to see who comes to visit. Most of these people I have not seen since Daddio died. It will be a full day, for sure.

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