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Mike’s Finished Scarf

Well, I finished my first machine-knit project. Mike’s scarf is done. I think it actually was more handwork than machine work, but I think I could never have made this scarf in the tiny bits of time I had Saturday night, Sunday night and this morning, if I had done the whole thing on handknitting needles.

The yarn is a 50/50 acrylic/merino wool bulky yarn from Lion Brand called Kool Wool. It is a very rounded cabled yarn. It consists of six two-ply yarns plied together in one lovely rounded rope. I wish I had remembered that Sarah Peasley did a sweater in a similar yarn by Berrocco and she said she loved it except when working in ends. Well, here I did a K2P2 ribbed scarf where there is no back side to hide the ends easily, in this fat yarn. And many ends there were!!! Not only was it a striped pattern, but when a skein ran out in the middle of a stripe I had two extra ends. And because of how I chose to bind off the ends, I had two more ends on either end of the scarf. It worked out fine, really, but as my friend Tony tells me, I’m sometimes too picky. I had to let go of perfection and it’s just fine.

Things I learned: 1) K2P2 is time consuming on a basic knitting machine (I used the Ultimate Sweater Machine loaned to me by JoAnn’s where I teach). It might have gone faster if I had been willing to use more yarn in a thinner gauge and made it into a stockinette tube with one seam; 2) I don’t like the edges on machine knitting, at least on this one. Maybe I’ll get better at it, but I think I’m sort of stuck by the way stitches are created on a machine. I don’t know how to slip a stitch at the beginning, as can be done with handknitting to make a nicer selvedge; 3) fat yarn is hard to bind off in rib without the fabric wanting to flare. I had to bind off twice to get it so that it wasn’t really obvious, and a little blocking helped as well. It would have been better if I had a thinner yarn in the same color that I could have used for just the binding off.

But hey, the edges are just fine for our friend who is leaving, and I really do like a bulky rib better than a stockinette tube anyway. My goal was to send sort of a hug along with him to Colorado. This nice, cushy scarf will do that quite well. He’s not a knitter and he won’t be analyzing that I didn’t do a slip-stitch selvedge, you know?

The colors in the web photo are higher contrast than in real life. The gray is lighter and the blue darker in person, though there is a little bit of subtle contrast between them. This looks like something Mike would actually wear, it will look good with his hair and eyes and blue jeans. I hope he likes it.

One Response to “Mike’s Finished Scarf”

  1. meredith Says:

    that’s a beautiful first project on a machine.

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