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A Hot Time on the Town

Monday night Brian and I went to Moriarty’s Pub for the Celtic jam session, to say a last goodbye to our friend Mike. Apparently it really brought in more musicians than usual and the back of the main room was packed.

I got to talk to our friend Bonnie who is a contra dancer and whose partner is a fiddler. I didn’t bring my instrument, I just knit through the event. I am just horrible at jamming with fiddle tunes, I guess wrong notes more than half the time and I wasn’t up to the stress of it all last night. Knitting and chatting with Bonnie while listening to the very good jam session, was the perfect way to spend the time.

When things slowed down for a minute, I leaned over the table to hand Mike his “portable hug” (scarf). Well, there was a candle on the table and I was wearing a large fringed rayon scarf as a shawl, to fend off the drafts. I was distracted with giving the gift to Mike, and my fringe caught fire. Thank goodness, our friend Johnny C noticed and the next thing I knew, Johnny was patting out the fire on my back! I didn’t know what was happening until it was over with. In fact, the very tip of my braided hair got singed as well.

It’s a good thing Johnny was on top of it all, because it could have been a very bad night. As it is, the scarf lost a little bit of three fringe bundles and it won’t be noticeable, I can still wear it. I am glad of that, because I got this wrap in Montreal when I went there with my Goddaughter, Sara, in August 2001. And my hair probably needed a trim several months ago so I’ll go get that taken care of in the next week or so, and there is no harm done. Whew!

Today is my first Tuesday not working at Foster Center. I start my Saturday schedule this week, so now I just work at Foster Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays. I’m happy to have consolidated all my work there to three days, so that I’ll have time to dye wool more often.

I have been on different schedules every few weeks since early August and it has been very confusing to me. I tend to call Foster and say “I think you want me to work today at 3:00, is that right?” I haven’t messed up yet but I’m always afraid someone will be expecting me and I will be clueless doing something else. I did OK, thank goodness.

Last Thursday my palm device (a Handspring Visor Neo, a low-end gizmo that has a very readable screen) somehow ended up with a broken screen, while in my bag with the hard cover on it. I have no idea how that happened, but thanks to an ebay “buy it now” purchase, I got the replacement from California yesterday in the mail. Since I got an exact replacement, I just had to put it in the cradle and tell it to synchronize, and the new one is just as if I never had a problem. Yippee!

I was only without a palm for three and a half days and restoring was painless. I didn’t realize how much I would use the palm when I got it. It was purely a calendar decision for me, but now I keep all my pricing information on it for my yarn business, and I can keep to-do lists in priority order with deadlines and categories (work, personal, special project). It is an excellent tool. I’m not in love with it, but I was quite inconvenienced to not have that data on Friday when I was trying to price my merchandise for the Sheep and Wool festival.

You know, I have used computers since before the desktop PC was invented. I really have to hand it to those people who developed the palm device. It is so lean and efficient it really is a fine example of good design. No extra bells and whistles to slow me down, just good information that actually displays fine on a tiny screen in black and white. Yes, there are fancy palm devices but I love the simplicity of mine.

The last one I got, I decorated with Teletubby stickers. I figure that some people wouldn’t be caught dead with anything Teletubby (plus it makes my gizmo a one of a kind) and so it’s a theft deterrent. Now I have a new one and I can’t decide what I’ll do to make this one unique. I’m pondering the idea of painting it with fingernail polish in different colors. I tried it on my old, dead one to see if the polish would stay stuck, and it looks pretty durable if I make sure to clean the surface very well before starting. Stickers get messy over time and they fall off. I’ve found that fingernail polish works on many surfaces (but not bare metal), and fabric paint works well on plastics.

Decorating the palm should be an enjoyable time once I get a picture in my head what I want it to look like. Right now it just is cobalt blue transparent plastic, pretty nice. Usually the colored ones cost more but this one was the same price as the smoke colored ones, so I was thrilled. Of course, the model I chose is an older model (thus uncool) which definitely helped the pricing. It cost about $25 less than the same model I got last year in late August. Time was on my side in this case.

Off to dye some wool. Have a grand day.

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