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Knitting with no time to sleep…

I’m knitting samples for upcoming classes. This is very fun. I will need to write patterns for some of these items (new designs I’m making up just for the new term of classes). I am excited about this!

There is a new sockyarn by the Noro company. It’s handspun, where the spinner basically grabs a handful of one color and spins until it’s mostly run out, then overlaps it with a new color until the new color is all there is, then slowly changes to the next and next. It depends on how big your foot is, how tall each stripe is before it changes colors. My foot is really thin, size 6 narrow, and so I did a sock on size 1 needles with only 44 stitches. this made really big chunks of each color on my foot.

norothreesocks16.jpgI made three socks with this new sockyarn. One is a sort of variation on a slip stitch pattern, easy to do with only 4 stitches and 4 rows in the repeat. It makes a really nice texture with the handspun yarn (which is textured by its nature, anyway). I think it makes the rustic nature of the handspun yarn really sing.

(For the record, there is much discussion online and off about this yarn and whether it is “scratchy.” I’d say it is rustic and wooly but not scratchy to someone who wears other wool sockyarns. It softens up and gets more springy after blocking/washing, as well. My opinion, of course. Your mileage may vary.)

The second and third socks are made with different colorways of the yarn, but the same design/pattern. I used one end of the ball of yarn to stripe with the other end of the ball, for the leg of each sock. It took a little fussing on the more subtle-colored sock, because I ended up with neutral and neutral from both ends of the ball at one point. I just broke the yarn and re-started that strand where it changed to the next color.

The super-rainbow one? I want a pair for myself, though this will be a store sample.

Now that the bright colorway is knit up, the sock reminds me of the Maximum Legwarmers I made from Sally Melville’s Knit Stitch book, contrasting a warm colorway and a cool colorway. However, my version of the legwarmers’ stripes were much more random and called for two different colorways.

The socks are one skein only, two ends and not even using up a whole skein. (It would be very hard to make two socks match using this method, though I confess I would be inclined to give it a try given how small my foot is.)

I bet you did not notice… the left and center socks were knit from the same skein of yarn. I started with the turquoise toe of the textured sock. I knit all the way to the top which was a nearly-black wool. Then I started the middle sock. I did not get to the end of the repeat until I had finished the 2nd foot (note turquoise heel on middle sock, that was where I finally returned to the sequence for the 2nd time).

I took a bunch of photos of the socks, and all of them are a bit fuzzy. I took new photos Tuesday but have not downloaded them to my laptop yet, so you get the semi-fuzzy version for now.

(Oh, and I’m also working up some new patterns, some to answer a request for proposals for a book I hope to be included in, a year and a half down the road… and one that I started a while back and am picking back up in earnest this week. Much fun, more on those as I have news to share.)

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  1. barb Says:

    i love your class!

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