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Paulette’s Finished Sock

Paulette rocks. She came to me maybe 2 months ago, no longer. She had a dream that she would knit socks. We dove in, and look at what she has done. A completed sock… unblocked but fresh off the needles. She had to learn how to bind off to finish this sock, because her other 2 projects were hats which ended at the top.

paulettefinishedsock.jpgTwo months ago we started with knit, then purl, then rib. We learned two sorts of decreases. She finished a hat. She finished another hat just like it, but with fewer “hiccups.”

Mind you, I did not know how to knit ribbing for 20 years after I learned the knit stitch. She had 2 ribbed hats in 3 weeks.

And we got right on those socks… and she learned how to use double-pointed needles with small yarn. She learned how to pick up and knit stitches. She learned how to bind off.

She knows more than I did after 2 decades of knitting (garter stitch scarves, but that’s knitting). The sock fits well, and she is eager to wear the pair so the second one is surely already on its way.

Go, Paulette!

One Response to “Paulette’s Finished Sock”

  1. momtroll Says:

    This is absolutley amazing. What a wonderful gift it is to be able to knit so well at a young age. And it does not have batteries!

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