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Nobody is online but me…

It’s a three-day weekend in the USA (Memorial Day). I’m working but at home and with Brian close by much of the time. My email lists are quiet, my inbox is almost empty, and even Ravelry has slowed to a crawl. It is mostly an in-person, relationship weekend, I think.

I attended a gathering on Saturday night (ran into an old acquaintance I hadn’t seen in a few years and talked forever), and then Brian and I attended a music party on Sunday.

I took knitting to both events. I didn’t knit a single stitch, though I at least tried at the Sunday gathering. Sunday there were SO many people there I wanted to chat with, so many people I regard highly.

I got some quality time with Doug Berch, and it seems there is never quite enough of that. He’s a great guy, and he is self-employed (like me) making a living being creative (like me). It’s important to make those sorts of connections as often as possible when one is self-employed. It’s so easy to feel totally alone.

We cooked Sunday night at home, and plan more cooking/baking Monday as well as some gardening. I bought some morning glory seeds and planted those 2 days ago. I also bought nasturtium seeds (have done relatively well with these before in another area of the yard which is hard to water). I got pole beans and swiss chard. I’ve grown chard before, but I think not from seed.

Beans are a new experiment. We do have places for them to climb but I am mostly going to put them in containers near a drain spout and the stair railing and see how they do. I think I’ll have to run a little bit of nylon twine as well, no big deal. I love beans and this will be fun if they work.

If not, I at least plan to buy my standby tomato plant. I always get one and put it in a container on my back porch. The plant is so beautiful, with or without fruit, that I love having one even though I’m not a huge fresh tomato fan.

I will put in some flowers this year but was uninspired as to what to buy when we went shopping Friday. I figure if I’m not excited about it I should stop. Since the plants go un-watered when we go on music festival weekends/ camping trips in the summer, I like to buy things that will forgive me if I don’t water regularly. Geraniums and petunias work really well on the west (no shade) and impatiens on the east (mostly shade).

All my flowers go in containers, very large ones with “container soil” which is not potting soil. It actually has little granules of a sort of gel which absorbs a LOT of water, and then gives it off slowly. This stuff is a miracle for the way I garden. As long as I put things in containers with this soil, I have success.

You can also buy the gel nodules in their own small container and mix it in with your own soil. It’s not for regular gardens, just containers, but it’s really great in my limited-gardening world.

Here are photos of my yard in previous years. You will see that most of it comes up on its own every year without help, much of it planted by previous owners of this house. I’m all for that! We did put in the hostas and coral bells when we had the front porch replaced. There were large white spirea (sp)/bridal wreath bushes out there before, which make me sneeze and which look raggedy when not blooming. Now we have a shade garden instead.

I still want some of those giant powdery-looking blue elephant-ear hostas someday, the old fashioned kind that are well over a foot tall. They are out of fashion right now at the garden centers.

It is relatively wild, which I sort of like, other than the potted flower containers. I don’t want to look too over-groomed. Been there, done that, didn’t want the T-shirt (as my brother says). Too much work, too much worry, in trying to be “perfect” and nature doesn’t want to go along for the ride. I just enjoy texture and color in the garden. A little like knitting!

2 Responses to “Nobody is online but me…”

  1. Charlotte Says:

    Sprirea makes me sneeze as well! When I was a teenager, we lived on the second floor of a two-family house. The landlord who lived downstairs had big spirea bushes in the front, conveniently under my bedroom window. Achoo! I had to hold my breath every time I walked in and out of the house. I’m trying to find either plants for my hanging baskets for the front porch or already planted baskets. I did plant two tomato plants in containers for the back deck. One looks nearly dead and the other might survive if whatever critter that digs in the dirt will quit. Last year I think I managed to get two tomatoes. I hope to do better than that this year.

  2. Sriyana Says:

    Thanks for sharing these pictures, Lynn. Your place is very cute, and your garden looks so pretty. I’m also a fan of the more natural, less formal look for my garden, and for myself! I’m not a very experienced gardener, but this year I’m planting mostly perennial flowers and herbs: foxgloves, butterfly bushes, lavender and rosemary, etc. Trying to turn the big bare patch which used to be part of the driveway in front of my house into a cottage garden.

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