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“These are my favorite!!!”


Today I sent six “matching” Chippy Socks to Isabel, my friend April’s daughter. I also sent two slightly-larger socks in a different colorway since I know she will outgrow the first ones fairly soon. (These were the prototype socks, knit in yarns that do not match the official gauge of the pattern that will be released in the next few weeks.)

I was not able to see her myself, it has been over a week and I won’t see her now until next Wednesday. It seemed I should dive in and send them to her quickly, as she keeps growing like a weed. April says the six socks might fit her for another month or two, and I said to jump, wear them often, and enjoy them as long as possible.

So April walked down to get Isabel from the sitter’s. She told Isabel that I’d sent a gift. They walked back and had other things to talk about. Then Isabel saw the socks in Mommy’s bag on the floor.

She squealed: “Oh, these are my favorite!!!”

I am in love. That child can tie me in knots and I eat it up.


See what I mean? How could I not love that smiling face?

One day I took her to “coffee” and she played with my polymer clay buttons and double-pointed socknitting needles (and a few tiny commercial flower-shaped buttons, a gift from Rae), and made this wonderful blooming-flower-button assemblage. Look at that wonderful smile.

ravchippyfeature.jpgMind you, I designed these socks because of this child. She loves socks and shoes and boots. She sometimes insists on wearing them while sleeping, she just can not let go of her favorites at times. I figured if she had six almost the same, April could switch them out and Isabel could still be happy. Or that’s the theory, anyway.

So today she had to try on each sock one at a time, deciding with forethought about which would be the next to try on. And April called me on the phone while this was taking place. I could hear in the background: “They are SO soft!” (The yarn for the set of six is 100% washable merino wool, like soft springs… I agree wholeheartedly.)

chippysocksturquoiseforweb.jpgI have an advertisement for these socks going up on Ravelry’s pattern page from June 1 to June 15. Please, those of you who frequent Ravelry, keep an eye out for it if you would. They just approved my ad, and this is what it looks like (above right).

Sigh…. sometimes I get things right.

3 Responses to ““These are my favorite!!!””

  1. Marianne Says:

    aww, what a lovely story! I truly love the idea of knitting one off socks that match, what a great idea!

  2. Ewe-niss Says:

    My youngest, Tessa, age 6 is anxiously waiting for me to finish the test socks so I can get started on hers! She loves them :-)

  3. Carol Says:

    Such adorable socks!!! I love the mix and match idea.

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