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Chippy Socks Update: Ewe-kniss, Diana & Mary

Ewe-kniss has posted about her set of six Chippy Socks for Kids today. She has been such a support to me, always interested in this design since I started with the idea over a year ago.

I love how her colorway worked out… more soft, and more boyish than other colorways I’ve tried since I started with this design. Hers are a silvery gray, a medium-to-soft turquoise and purple. Very fun and nice. The yarn is Debbie Bliss Rialto, a DK-weight washable merino, very soft. She says she’ll make a pair for her daughter from this same yarn (different colors), when the samples are done.

Diana also wrote to say that she sent out her six sample Chippy Socks in the mail today. Typically that would mean I get them tomorrow/Saturday, so I will plan to photograph them for you as soon as I can. Chippy Socks in Worsted-weight yarn

Diana’s socks are in a very different yarn from Ewe-kniss’: Cascade Fixation cotton/lycra yarn. Same gauge, a DK weight knit at 6.25 stitches per inch for socks. These are brighter, more my style… hot pink, yellow, and turquoise. Sort of primary colors but more ColorJoy.

I am eager to see Diana’s socks. Maybe I can stand at the post office at 8:30am, the time when they promise the day’s mail has arrived?

Not likely, but I will pop in to see my Post Office Box after I go north to DeWitt and then go on Tourist in Your Own Town. (Saturday 10-5 they are opening up the Board of Water and Light building at Cedar and Michigan in downtown Lansing, to show the FDR-era murals painted in there… first time open to the public since 9/11, I’m hyped, I’ve never seen them.)

Mary is either done or nearly so… she is working in pastels. If I remember right, she has a soft greenish-teal, a soft purple and either a mauve or a silvery-gray. Her yarn is Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino (mmmm).

I had wanted to do a fourth test knit in Louisa Harding Kashmir DK. I ran out of time, knitters and cash for sample yarn by the time I got to that idea, but I may do it on my own when I get a little more wiggle-space in my schedule. I love that yarn deeply, it machine wash/dries perfectly without pills for just about forever, and wears like iron if you like socks that are a little thicker than normal socks (we’re talking socks for me this time, the Kashmir is wonderful in both the DK weight and Aran weight).

All three knitters provided excellent input. Not only did they all find the spot where I said “Knit” when I meant “Purl” (whoops) but I even got some good input on rearranging the content of the pattern so it would flow better for a knitter. Let’s face it, when I design, I am working on one bit at a time and I can sometimes benefit from fresh eyes as far as how things might best be laid out.

I am really excited about my Chippy Socks design. If you see the ad on Ravelry from June 1-15, I’d love to hear about it.

I’m getting excited. I think this pattern will be out perhaps within a few days. Send good vibes if you would.

(The photo here is a pair of Chippy Socks that Diana knit over a year ago… using worsted-weight Cascade 220 washable yarn. These do not fit the current specifications of the pattern but I do really love the colors. These went to Isabel the other day with the 6 smaller magenta/turquoise/purple socks. For the record, Diana’s husband Eric, my brother, decided he wanted some Chippy socks after seeing these. Diana made him a pair out of this yarn. The pattern does not go up to adult sizes, so Eric is the only grown-up kid with a pair of these at this time!)

2 Responses to “Chippy Socks Update: Ewe-kniss, Diana & Mary”

  1. Kris Elliott Says:

    How does one order this pattern if one has not yet succumbed to the Ravelry hype? I love the samples you have shown and can’t wait to see the rest!

    Thanks for your recent comments on my blog. I hope all is well with you.


  2. Deb H Says:

    OK Lynn, I just have to say this. Every time I see the title “Chippy Socks” I have to laugh. I’ll never forget when I was in Jr. High and fell in love with a pair of shoes with ankle straps (around the ankle). My Mother would NOT let me have them because they looked like “Chippy” shoes. I asked her what a chippy was and she said in WWII that was what they called “street ladies”.

    Oh my!

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