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A Quote, and Ponderings on Gratitude

A friend knows I love quotations. She wrote that in Parade magazine there was an interview with Pierce Brosnan (actor who played James Bond 4 times), and he said something wonderful. Worth repeating here:

You struggle with money. You struggle without money. You struggle with love. You struggle without love. But it’s how you manage. You have to keep laughing, you have to be fun to be with, and you have to live with style – not fancy-schmancy, but in a way which is present and meaningful and has some beauty to it.

We all have our own philosophy of life. I would not have put it his way, but I like what he said. Clearly this guy knows who he is.

I once had a friend who said “you make your own reality.” She meant it differently than I use it, but I think the quote above sort of echoes how I embrace the “making reality” idea in my own life.

I am constantly running from one deadline to another. I do “struggle” with getting it all done, and figuring out what to do and what to let go of doing. But when it gets overwhelming I make a gratitude list. I remind myself that busy is better than bored. Gratitude brings a better life, you know?

I get grumpy sometimes, though typically I’m an optimist who finds joy in living. When I’m having a grumpy day and I’m working with others I just admit it out loud.

The kids I work with seem relieved to hear me admit my moods and they accept that this happens sometimes. They understand that it is not about them, and that I am not blaming them for my mood of the day.

They like the whole package of “Ms. Lynn.” Because I’m real with them. And I don’t blame others for what Pierce Brosnan calls the “struggle.”

I want to stand tall like Mr. Brosnan. I would like “to be fun to be with,” and to have style. I expect I will never be “in fashion” unless it’s sort of a happy accident… but I would love to be interesting, and fun.

One can be interesting and fun at any age, so my gray hair and getting older (I’m 49) will not be an impediment to my dreams. And I think a life built on that idea is do-able. No matter what the “struggle” might be at any time. Perhaps that is a piece of what Brosnan calls style.

I do not know how to gracefully end this post; I could go on forever. I’ll repeat:

…it’s how you manage. You have to keep laughing, you have to be fun to be with, and you have to live with style – not fancy-schmancy, but in a way which is present and meaningful and has some beauty to it.


4 Responses to “A Quote, and Ponderings on Gratitude”

  1. Kris Elliott Says:

    What wonderful words to read first thing in the morning as I greet the new day! The older I get, and I am 46, the more convinced I am that the real key to happiness is to be comfortable in your own skin. That doesn’t mean that you have evrything, are beautiful, etc. It means that you know who you are. You admit your weaknesses, celebrate your strengths, and embrace all that is in you and around you. However, the most important step in all of this, is being able to do it in others as well. Though embracing our own shortcomings can be quite difficult, embracing the weaknesses and shortcomings in those around us is a true test to how comfortable we are with ourselves.

    Have a great day!


  2. Brenda Says:

    Well said by both you and Mr. Brosnan. I think that the key to living a full and happy life is to be grateful for all things (good and not so good) as there are lessons to be learned from it all. I’ve found that the older I get the more comfortable I am with myself. Thanks for the inspiring post.

  3. Paz Says:

    Very good quotation and philosophy of life.


  4. AlisonH Says:

    I want to frame that quote and give it to one of my children. Thank you, Lynn!

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