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Brrr! Sweater Weather.

It was supposed to get down to 40F/4.4C last night. It’s 65F/18.3C right now, at 1pm. Brrr. Last week when the power was out and nobody could use their A/C because of windstorms, it was humid and hot. Now that we could turn it on, it’s furnace weather instead. Go figure.

We have almost-wild climbing roses in at least 4 places around our house and garage. The windstorms blew their supporting structures sideways but they climb anyway. Nothing can kill these things, even extensive pruning just makes them happier.

I think of them as mean bullies for 11 months of the year, they rip up my clothing as I pass them and give me a lot of yardwork and puncture wounds. But Saturday they started to bloom. And when they bloom, I forgive all. It’s like a bad romance but right now we’re in the blush of happiness so I am at peace with it. This peek is only the very beginning. It will be a wall of cherry red/hot magenta very soon. (And this is only one of the locations where they bloom!)


It looks like we will have a big crop of orange daylilies this year, too (they are at bottom left of the photo). We have lilies in at least 4 places, but the garage is their favorite spot.

The Hydrangeas (white flowers above, I sometimes call them snowball bushes) are acting like they never had a winter, even with a bit of a pruning. And I have parsley in its 4th year (it’s supposed to only go 2 years) and it’s about knee-high. I’m letting it go, it seems so happy and it’s all bonus now. Maybe if I let it make seeds it will come for a 5th… not counting on it, but why not let it try?

Oh, and if you want to see the best wild-rose photograph ever, check out Kristin Nicholas’ Blog, Getting Stitched on the Farm, today. Amazing.

Now, where is my alpaca sweater? Brrr!

2 Responses to “Brrr! Sweater Weather.”

  1. My Merino Mantra Says:

    I love this cold weather! Hot summer, go away!

  2. Vicki Says:

    Wow, I’d love some sweater weather here. I just got my electric bill for the air cond.

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