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Inner Adolescent

Well, my inner 13-year-old took over for a few minutes today. I have a lot of colors of nail polish, which I use to decorate/paint items in my life, such as my thermos or cell phone. I don’t like the feel of nail polish on my hands, it feels like my fingers can’t breathe. I resist putting it on for Habibi Dancers’ performances. I put it on at the very last minute, and it’s the first thing that comes off when I get home.

But not today. Today I painted my five left hand fingernails all with different colors of polish. By the time the one hand was done, I was done as well. I’m typing this note with one embellished hand and one au naturale. It’s starting to bug me, that feeling I don’t like, and the polish will be off soon. But for some reason, I just got overcome with the desire to graffitti my own self! Funny how our impulses go sometimes.

It was an amazing day. The sun shone and at 4:00 it was 77.7 degrees F. It was just plain gorgeous. I want to get out on that porch in the hammock for a few minutes before the sun sets tonight, but I only have another hour or so. I am preparing yarn for dyeing today, but I can measure out the yarn on the porch just as easily as indoors. This will be delightful.

I found a dandelion in the yard a couple of days ago and took a picture of it. It’s a sort of bedraggled flower, not very beautiful, but it’s a sign of summery good times to me and I am glad it peeked out.

Then today I found a violet blooming next to the back steps. I love the violets here. They are weeds but they are prettier than the grass they are growing in, and they are always the first thing to bloom in the early spring. The picture is good of the leaves but a little blurry of the bloom. You can see a fall leaf in the picture, sort of a spring/fall collage.

Off to the porch, after I find that nail polish remover!

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