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Prepare to be Amazed

You all thought my young knitter A. was talented when I showed you her bag last week. Prepare to be delighted and amazed. She has finished her first pair of socks.


Not only did she do a pair of socks, she was creative in solving the design problem of not having enough yarn to make them as thick as she wanted given the yarn available in our classroom. She chose to hold two yarns together as one, and used one color in both socks for a bit of unity. Then for the second strand, she used different colors of yarn for variety and interest.

Not only that! A good long time ago, when Kim still owned the Yarn Garden shop in Charlotte, she gave me a stack of Interweave Knits magazines. At the time my kids in the program were interested in the pictures but none were ready to tackle actual patterns.

So I still had a few of that issue left this year when A. hit my classroom. She and a few other adventurous ones took the magazines home and were inspired. In this particular issue, there was a pair of socks by Ann Budd which used a feather and fan lace as a short cuff design. A. was delighted.

So she made her first lace, on her first socks. Why not? And I’d say she made a lovely choice. Chunky and warm, but definitely feminine as well. And artful! Good job, A.!!!

4 Responses to “Prepare to be Amazed”

  1. Deborah Robson Says:

    Stunning! BIG congratulations to A!

    And to you, for giving her the space in which to accomplish this.

  2. Diana Troldahl Says:


  3. Lisa in Toronto Says:

    Congratulations to both the student and the teacher!

  4. Judy Schimmel Says:

    Great socks. I would be happy to provide enough sock yarn for this young knitter to make another pair of socks. I am in the area. Just contact me at my email address. We can work out the details like she can choose at Rae’s and I come in and pay for it. I do not have to meet her.

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