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Colorful Traveling Quarters


At Dulcimer Festival last weekend, I spotted these three very stylish traveling quarters. Two are old GMC vehicles, and one is a new thing I had never seen before. All look just artful and lovely to my eyes.


I’ve finally really come to terms with the fact that I really do care what things look like. I drove an ugly 1985 navy blue VW Golf for 250,000 miles and I adored that car, but I did in fact embellish it by painting three stars on the back side hatch. I love my ’98 New Beetle (not that new anymore, at 134,000 miles), though, and she is SO pretty!


Looking at these “camping boxes” really made my eyes smile. So pretty! I’d never really noticed the GMC camping vehicles before, but I guess they were planning to have a gathering of about 30 of them just outside the area where we stayed.

Too cool. Very ColorJoy. Even cooler than shiny Airstream trailers, perhaps!

3 Responses to “Colorful Traveling Quarters”

  1. Diana Troldahl Says:

    I love teardrop trailers. There’s a whole subculture of folks who travel around camping in them. They were first made in the 1930’s and there are still many of the old ones around. After the resurgence of interest, they started being manufactured again. Here’s a site with some info: http://www.campingearth.com/teardrop/

  2. Howlin' Hobbit Says:

    I just spent *way* too much time reading up on that T@B trailer. Wow.

    If I could afford it and a vehicle with *reasonable* gas mileage whilst towing I’d go on permanent tour. What a hoot!


  3. Trish Says:

    I saw a yellow T@b trailer on the road last weekend when I was heading to Manistee. I had originally seen one given away on The Price Is Right, and researched it and let my sister know that they are so light (not sure if it’s all models, but at least one) they can be pulled by a VW Beetle! (Which my sister has, with flower decals on it…she has a Colorjoy gene too I guess!) I think we saw one last year too when we camped at Silver Lake. Very cool. I like the model that has the kitchen that folds out the back end!

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