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Chilly Friday

Well, it was too cold to paint the garage today. I was not at all disappointed. I slept in just a bit and then ran a few errands. I finished my cashmerino sample items (still need to throw in washer/dryer) and then Brian and I went to dinner at Aladdins. (We ran into Tony at Aladdins… this is such a small town.)

When we got home I spent some time in the studio and made three small batches of handpainted yarns. They are in the process of cooling off right now. I tell you, waiting overnight to see what things look like is hard work! My childlike self wants to look at it NOW but I have learned that trying to hurry means that the dye doesn’t always set properly. I need to wait until tomorrow.

I have been knitting wristwarmers like crazy, for sale at the “Art for the Soul” sale on December 6. I don’t often knit finished items for sale, but I can knit wristwarmers while reading or doing other things I must do anyway.

Right now I’m working with some handspun I purchased from a Spinners Flock member last December. It is cream and magenta wool fibers sort of in a heathery yarn, and it is just beautiful if a bit itchy. I am going to wash the wristwarmers in humectant shampoo and conditioner and hope that they become soft and lovely to wear. I can wear scratchy wool (and I love how warm it is) but some people just can’t. We’ll see how this all goes.

Tomorrow I teach a class on the Internet in the morning at Foster Center. In the afternoon I have open lab, which could mean a handful of knitters and/or a couple computer kids, or it could mean I’m sitting alone knitting. Either way I will be happy.

Then at 6:30 Brian and I will perform at Altus Ethiopian Cuisine as The Fabulous Heftones. A dance friend (Maya, the one who was dancing in the picture with Mom and I at the Habibi fundraiser just over a week ago) just called to tell me she will be there with a friend. I’m excited to know they are coming.

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