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Mom in the News

My mom made the front page of the Local section of the Lansing State Journal today. Thanks to Priscilla for spotting it right away. They do not mention her name but the photo says it all. Dance is very big in Mom and Fred’s social schedule. They get out quite often.

You can read the article online (time to again mention how much I appreciate the LSJ.com website). It’s about a “senior prom” which raises funds for senior programs (supported by a team of police agencies in the area).

Mom and Fred are dancing front and left, you can recognize mom by her beautiful long white/silver hair and her bright blue dress. I still say she has the prettiest hair I know.

And I wonder where I get my ColorJoy gene from? Hmmm…

2 Responses to “Mom in the News”

  1. Snowbird Says:

    Great picture of your Mom and Fred dancing. I like to see seniors are recognized for still having some kick in their step! Looks like they were having a great time!

  2. momtroll Says:

    Thank you, Lynn. Yes, we do enjoy dancing and are glad we can continue to do so. We enjoyed the night of dancing and seeing some of our friends there. I am glad you like color. It always cheered me up. Color makes me feel good, so I enjoy wearing color. Of course I have favorite colors and many are the same ones you enjoy. Love you, Mom.

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