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Busy Saturday, Again

I guess Saturdays are just made for being jam-packed with activities.

Foster Center Class
Today I taught “Let’s Talk about the Internet” at Foster Center in the morning. It was delightful! I had a retired gentleman who has taken several classes with me in previous terms, and his wife. I had not met her before. With only two students, we got a lot covered and many questions answered. She has done a lot of email and some surfing and he has done virtually none. I think they both enjoyed their class. I sure did.

JoAnn Fabrics
I took a quick trip to JoAnn’s on my lunch hour. What an absolute zoo it was, there were so many people there it was unbelievable. They had one set of sale items for open till noon, and then noon to close. There was a 50% off coupon for one item only, good from noon to close. You could barely move in that store.

I had hoped they would have a row counter for my USM (knitting machine) that I could get with the 50% off coupon but they didn’t have any in stock. The second item on my list was some Wilton’s cake decorating dyes to use on some Lion Brand Fishermans Wool yarn in preparation for a class I will hope to offer in early 2004. I got turquoise and a leaf green. I must be wishing for spring already!

I also got a few pillow forms to fill the pillows I have been designing in my mind for sale at the Art for the Soul sale. And a rotary blade to fill my paper trimmer. It was amusing, when I went to pay, the most expensive thing in my cart was the $4.99 blade so I got that item 50% off. I guess I didn’t qualify as wildly compulsive today, thank goodness!

It was actually quite heartening. That store was so packed you couldn’t get anywhere without a lot of “excuse me’s” being said by all parties. The lines were eight to a dozen carts long and there were at least a half dozen cash registers going at once. And there was not a single crying baby, not a single grouchy person, no angry faces. People knew they were there for a big sale and they waited their turns. I knit in line (some handspun I’m making into wrist warmers) and that made me happier. And the woman behind me was very pleasant to chat with. The lines actually went pretty smoothly, and when I asked the cashier if people had been grumpy she said she only had pleasant people so far. How cool.

This It made me realize one reason that Lansing is a good person to live. When you wait in line people can be pleasant. When you are driving, people let you in when traffic is tied up, so you don’t get trapped. We’re good people in that way in my city. This is a good town for people.

Computer/Knitting Lab
In the afternoon I worked a computer lab. I only had two kids, one computer boy and one knitting girl. She is the new knitter working on a backpack. She has finished the body of the pack and the eyelets. She was supposed to bind off a majority of her stitches and then start knitting back and forth in garter stitch to make a top flap. I had to give her too many instructions all at once when she left on Thursday, and she got things a little mixed up. So she came in and I took out a few stitches that were wrong and just reknit them for her (her Mom was due back any minute from a short errand) and had her do just the last six or so to be sure she understood. Then I got her going on making that flap. She had never knit back and forth using circular needles before, so that was hard for her to figure out on her own. She’s going great guns now.

She’s also (on her own) knitting some wrist warmers for herself. She was using some pink yarn I think she got on her own. Today she said she wanted to do the wristwarmers and then make a scarf to go with them. I had her pick out two oor three more coordinating pink yarns to go with it, to take home. She decided then and there that she was going to rip out the solid pink wristwarmer she had already started (she had knit at least six inches already) so that she could make them striped. Good for her! She loved her new yarn.

Fabulous Heftones at Altus
I ran home for a short while to change clothes and become “Lynn Heftone.” Brian came home and we had no time to waste, to get to Altu’s for our performance.

Tonight all sorts of folks we knew were there to hear us. My mom and Fred came, and Mom’s friend, and Regina who is a friend from Working Women Artists among other places. Regina hadn’t been there yet but she said she really enjoyed her meal. She also said that she heard we were performing tonight, because she had read my blog. Cool! (Hi, Regina!)

Also in the audience were Edna, Kathy, their friend (Denise? Diane?), Cynthia, Doug, Marna, two of Marna’s friends, my dance friend Maya and her friend, and Wally and his friend. All there to see us play. It’s so much fun to play for a room full of friends! My voice was a little weak today so Brian took more than his share of the singing, but I was able to sing harmony for our usual harmony numbers and I did a small handful of songs I knew would not stress out my vocal cords.

This is my worst allergy season of the year and with all the teaching I’ve done this last few weeks I have really somehow overstressed my voice. I need to watch that pretty closely. I was on total voice rest (not a single whisper) for 31 days about 9 years ago, and I am not eager to repeat that experience. But enough about the bummer stuff… we had a blast tonight and it was a lovely little scene there.

Cynthia took some pictures of us while we were performing. I was so aware as she was taking the photos, that she really loves us and really wanted to get some shots that made us look good. It’s hard to take pictures of moving targets, but here are a few that turned out quite well. The shoes are the real thing. Brian got them from a friend when that friend’s father passed away. Brian was the right size, so he got the goodies. He wore these shoes for our wedding, too.

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  1. Larry Says:

    Please, please, please take care of yourself! And you make Lansing sound like Nirvana. Most of our customers are very patient too. Must be something about knitting that calms people down. But I do wish they didn’t have to bring the tykes. There’s just no room for the huge strollers that are all the rage these days.

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