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Please Join us for JazzFest Lansing, Saturday!

fabheftonessafety1full16.jpgI have had a few people ask me about our Fabulous Heftones music gig this weekend. Here are details:

First, on Friday morning, AM talk radio 1320 at 8:30am we will be playing maybe 2-3 numbers spread out between other news. Whatever they want!

We have to show up at 8:30 (WILS AM, we’re very grateful for airplay). It’s a show called amLansing. I’m usually asleep at that time of day, but I’m all about singing any time I can! Thanks to Mike Skory who does the music/entertainment update on that show, for inviting us.

Then about the show:

Old Town’s
JazzFest Lansing

5p-6:15p Saturday August 2
The Fabulous Heftones
River Stage (near fish ladder, in parking lot where Turner Street dead ends into Grand River, just east of bridge).

It’s a big deal, at least to me! Some shows (other stages) get an hour, we get an hour and 15 minutes. Lots of the acts are not from Lansing. We get dinner hour on Saturday, perfect for bringing kids. There are also street vendors for food if you want to skip cooking.

If you have not heard us before, we mostly do the romantic and novelty tunes from 1900-1930. Brian plays ukulele, I play bass, we both sing and whistle, and Brian does a little vocalizing as if he’s a trumpet (this is called eefin’ and was common in the 20s).

Want to hear? here are some Youtube videos recorded with visiting ukulele friends, all of whom played at least one New York Ukefest (first one recorded early this year, 2nd was September ’07):

Row Row Row, with Bosko and Honey

Shake that Thing, with Lil’ Rev

For a few songs without video, our MySpace Page:
The Fabulous Heftones, on MySpace (will play without an MP3 player on your computer)

or our own web page (click the MP3 link below song title):

I sure hope some of you can come. I totally understand if you can’t… but you sure couldn’t come if you didn’t know about it in the first place!!!

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