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Isabel’s Chippy Socks

isavelhchippysox.jpgThis is part one of a two-part story. I danced at New Aladdin’s restaurant in Lansing last Friday with another Habibi Dancer. My friend April came to the show and brought toddler Isabel, for whom I invented the Chippy Socks knitting pattern.

Isabel has one set of six Chippy Socks (each one unique but in the same 3 colors) in purple/ fuschia/ turquoise. These were the first ones I made and are a little small for her but very stretchy. She also has a pair (merely two rather than a full set of 6) in yellow/ green/ turquoise. These are made of a slightly larger yarn so they are a little bigger than the first set. This pair is not a true pair, again, because they are made of the same 3 yarns but patterns and colors do not match.

isabel16.jpgSo Isabel dresses herself whenever possible… and she spent some time picking out her socks this day. She picked one from set 1 and one from set 2. What is fascinating to me is that she chose the ones which match in patterning… both have a 2 stitch by 2 row checkerboard size, and a 2 row evenly spaced foot stripe. The toes/heels happen to also both be turquoise (though slightly different, being very different yarns).

I was just as pleased as punch to see Isabel, no matter what she wore on her feet. But wearing these socks? Sigh… no wonder I’m so crazy about this spectacular child. She’s as in love with color as I am.

3 Responses to “Isabel’s Chippy Socks”

  1. Riin Says:

    The girl’s got style!

  2. Paz Says:

    Oh, such a cute girl!

    I LOVE the socks! ;-)

    I just realized that I never responded to your kind words on my blog about my health and recuperation. So sorry! I’m meant to acknowledge it much earlier. I appreciate your good thoughts and wishes very much.

    I’m feeling much better and continue to heal well.

    Thanks, again!

    Happy weekend,
    Paz xxoo

  3. anne marie ament Says:

    what a cutie

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