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More Knitting on the Road

Rae and I both had classes cancel for Saturday. We have made the decision to drive down to the Chicago Area for one day, to Stitches Midwest (knitting/fiber-related conference). We made no plans ahead of time so we will go to the market (no time for classes). Our friend/colleague Sarah Peasley is teaching there, we may or may not see her but will look out for her.

A busload of folks planned ahead to go from Lansing, and I think it may be the same day we go (but we are not early birds so they are going first). Of course both Rae and I have been in the knitting business long enough to have friends from all over the country. We will be able to see a few folks we don’t see anywhere else but trade shows.

I hope to get some Indian food somewhere in/near Chicago. I know where to find Devon Avenue which is a sure bet, but it’s not near where the show is. I hope someone will give me a lead on something good that is closer.

The drive is a long haul, somewhere between 4 to 5 hours to that particular location. When I think Chicago, I think less than 4 but this is more. I do love to drive, and I really love Rae’s company. We will take turns driving and knitting, and it will be very good. I am good driving in city traffic so I’ll do that part, and the rest we will play by ear.

I’m excited. Time to sleep, or at least try to sleep. It will be very soon when the alarm goes off!

2 Responses to “More Knitting on the Road”

  1. Trish Says:

    I hope you are having a great time at Stitches. Several of my knitting buddies got up early this morning to drive to Lansing for the bus. I decided not to go because I was signed up for Cat Bordhi’s class next Friday, and wasn’t up for both those trips only one week apart. I had to cancel out on Cat’s class because I can’t get to Lansing. I kind of wish I was going to Stitches with them, but I guess I will just save the $$ I would have spent for my trip to Rhinebeck instead. I can’t wait to see what goodies you (and they) bring back!

  2. catherine Says:

    Glad you made it by for a quick hello. I hope you had a nice time ans a safe drive home. :)

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