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Today I Found My Desk

I did it. I made the desk be a place for computing again.

Since I was so sick for a month (where I could not sit up or stand for more than a short while), I have been using the couch, the kitchen table and the porch as workspaces. Actually, if I’m just typing I love the couch. However, right now I need my scanner and backup drives and a few other goodies. It was time to make it happen.

To be honest, there are three piles of paper on the floor now that were not there. I cleared off a bunch of things on the desk a week or two ago but did not get to the bottom. At this point, I do not have time to work through to the bottom of these piles. Other work is more important.

Therefore, I got the desk surface happy and drivers installed for this or that gizmo that plugs in to the computer. I started scanning again; I had lost use of the machine I’ve used for scanning, because of a worn out power supply, until a few days ago).

In the last several months I have rearranged my technical tools a lot. I bought machines (tiny laptop and phone plus USB storage), parts (power supply) and software (MS Office 2003). I’m getting to the end of my office-organizing period, I think. I hope. I need to be fully in the middle of the office-using period.

Meanwhile I need to wake up at an hour more like normal people tomorrow. I have to dance with the Habibi Dancers for a cultural diversity day at Sparrow Hospital. This will be my third year doing this engagement, and it is much fun.

After that I will be able to just go back to my desk and pick up where I left off on the scanning tonight. This is the life.

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