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More Artfulness from Mom


Here is another photo from the gathering at my mother’s house. She iced a yellow cake with sour cream (this is influenced from her Norwegian heritage) and then decorated it with fresh fruit.

I am told by family that Norwegians like to decorate food as it is presented on the table. A smorgasbord might contain bowls of potatoes or something, with cherry tomato halves and green peas assembled in some artful arrangement to make it prettier.

It was such an artform that the birthday girl did not at first want to cut into the cake. In the end, she was glad she had done it.

(For the record, the soft-turquoise tablecloth here is closer to the real color than the photo I posted a few days back.)

2 Responses to “More Artfulness from Mom”

  1. momtroll Says:

    The first cake I had served to me by a Norwegian was with blueberries side by side on the top. I have used just raspberries and also used drained pineapple pieces and kiwi. The sour cream “frosting” has no sugar in it and resembles cream cheese. I make it the night before so it has a chance to set.

  2. A. Says: